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What is Russian summer really like? Is it Hot?

What is it Like to Go to Russia in Summer?

Most people who have never been to Russia seem to know everything about Russia. They say it’s cold all year round and there are bears everywhere. They also think that once you are in Russia you will get robbed and eaten alive. Luckily, Russia’s impeccable hosting of the World Cup 2018 has finally changed everyone’s perception. Russian people are no longer cold and unfriendly and Russia is no longer a dangerous and wild country.

Having never been to Russia you must be curious what it was like for the football fans and foreign tourists to visit Russia during summer 2018. I will share all the fun things about the Russian summer and how to spend your summer in Russia like a real Russian.

Very Hot

Is the Russian summer hot

Whether you are in Moscow or Krasnoyarsk (one of the cities in Siberia) you will find it really hot. The average temperature in summer is around 25-27 degrees Celsius and at times reaches a whopping 37 degrees. You can get really tanned without leaving Russia for Thailand or Turkey.

Russian summers are hot, dry and sweaty. So get your 50 SPF sunscreen, a good deodorant and a bottle of water to keep yourself dry and cool. Throughout the summer there will be spells of rain and lower temperatures but on average the Russian summer is very warm.

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Abundance of Berries

Strawberries and Rasberries in Russia

The summer means loads of strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant and other fruit and veg that Russian people grow in their gardens. Russians give their bodies a great boost of vitamins and fibre to prepare for a long and cold winter.

Beach and Lake Trips

Russian Beaches and Lakes to go to in summer

Russia is vast. Everyone knows it. But what people don’t realise that apart from the dense forest (taiga), Russia has a lot of beautiful lakes and beaches. There are many Southern cities you could go to – Anapa, Krasnodar, Gelendzhik, Crimea – where you swim all day, bask in the sun, eat ice-cream and just truly enjoy your summer.

There are a lot of nice beaches and lakes in Siberia too. It’s funny that Siberia takes up most of Russia but no one really knows anything about this great place. It’s the embodiment of Russia’s natural beauty and evidence that truly pristine nature still exists.

Kvas is All Around Ya

Russian kvas

Kvas is a very traditional Slavic and Baltic beverage. Kvas is made from natural ingredients mainly rye bread and water. Kvas is consumed cold and is a great way to hydrate your body during the heatwave. The colour of kvas varies from very light to dark brown or black. It all depends on how you make it.

Dacha Time

Dacha is the Russian equivalent of a summer house or second home. Russian people spend all summer at their dachas where they garden, make shashlik (barbecue) and sunbathe. The look of an average dacha varies from a big house with a lawn and lots of flowers to a very small house with a potato field and a few patches of ground with carrots, spring onions and dill.

I never liked dacha as a child. My grandmother would always make me work there. I deadheaded, removed weeds and harvested the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in the scorching heat.

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