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What is it like Living in London, England?

The Reality of Living in London

Are you dreaming of moving to London, finding a new job and completely changing your lifestyle? Are you a party animal looking for lots of cool nights out and crowds of friends? Whoever you are, prepare to find out the truth about London and what it is like to be a true Londoner.

Very Crowded

London in the rush hour

London is the capital of England and the whole United Kingdom, so it is very busy. With the population going over 8.8m and with over 19 million tourists coming to London each year, it gets very crowded. During the rush hour London is at its busiest as commuters rush to work and then back home. The parks and squares of Central London get packed during the lunch break when all office workers come out to grab some food. The tourist areas are busy all year round despite the weather conditions or Big Ben being covered in cladding during a refurb

You will get used to the buzzing nature of London very quickly and get into the swing of traveling to work every day and going to a busy pub on Thursday and Friday evenings. You will love the fact that you have to keep going like everyone does and there’s no time to pause.

Plenty of Work Opportunities

Work in London

There are so many jobs in London. You can literally find anything you like as long as you have the skills and experience required. If you are a very ambitious person who dreams big and is prepared to work hard then London is for you. This is the best environment for people who are hungry for success.

The average salary is good and there’s always a great chance to find something better and move on. Such a buoyant job market makes it very easy to progress in your career.

If you are an aspiring artist, actor, model or singer then the chances are greater to land your first job and get noticed. However, the only downside is a very competitive environment. You are not the only young person who is looking for their place in the sun.

Very Expensive

Tower Bridge London

London is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. You will find out that the minute you start looking for a place to live. Whether you are renting or buying the prices are unreasonably high. You end up going for something really small situated far away from the center. You also end up sharing your home with another two or three people just to make it more affordable.

Transport is very expensive too especially if you have to commute every day from Zone 6 to Zone 1 for example. Traveling by bus is normally the cheapest option.

Beautiful Architecture

St Pauls London beautiful architecture

In the Roman times London was called Londinium and it was a lot smaller in size. Some pre-Roman artifacts were found during excavation works and can be found in museums. London increased in size during the Georgian era (1714-1830) and hence why the City is dominated by Georgian architecture.

St Paul’s Cathedral, which you can see in the picture, is one of the most famous representatives of Pre-Norman architecture. It is a Grade I listed building and dates back to the original church founded in AD 604, but rebuilt in the 17th century.

Great Transport Network

The transport links in London are absolutely fantastic. You can get to any destination in the country or in the world in no time. Well, obviously depending on where you are going.

There are 5 airports in London alone. You have a very large underground and overground network. There are buses, clipper boats, cable cars, and bicycles. There are about 10 large train stations from where you can travel anywhere in the country or take Eurostar to travel around Europe. Living in London is very convenient for those who love traveling and need a quick and easy solution.

Various Shops

Shopping in London

Shopping online or in the store is nowhere as easy as in London. You have so many options available and it makes your life much easier. Order online with same day delivery or go to a big department store and get everything you need. There’s a myriad of shopping centres in different parts of London including the newly expanded White City in Shepherd’s Bush and an enormous shopping centre in Stratford. There are also plenty of high street shops in Oxford Street which is very popular with tourists. So if you are a shopaholic who values their time then London is the city for you.

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