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Russian stereotypes – Do Russians drink a lot?

Breaking stereotypes about Russian people

There are so many stereotypes about Russian people, their behaviour, common traits and beliefs. I’ve picked the most common stereotypes that I’ve heard from other people or read on the internet. Let me make it clear for you what Russian people are actually like and whether you should steer clear of them or be friends with them.

Do Russians drink a lot?

Russian people drink as much as any other nation. I even believe that British people would beat Russians at drinking and totally smash this stereotype. Besides, vodka isn’t the only type of alcohol that we drink. We also like beer, cognac and champagne.

Do Russians never smile?

If a Russian person likes you they will give you a genuine and friendly smile and a lot of attention. You might even get a hug from them if they grow very fond of you.

However, If they dislike you, then I am sorry but you won’t squeeze any warmth out of a Russian person. It’s as simple as that.

Are Russians crazy drivers?

Saying that Russian driving is reckless isn’t enough. The roads are very steep and spiral-shaped and there are more than two lanes each way. The drivers in posh cars bully drivers in cheaper cars. Cool guys bully those who are not as cool in their opinion. So if you ever decide to drive in Russia, think twice.

Are Russians homophobic?

I am sorry to break it to you but they are. They are not just homophobic, they are also very explicit and transparent about it. They don’t mince their words about anything that they think is wrong and inappropriate.

Do Russians add dill in every food possible?

Russian people are very patriotic and love to eat traditional Russian food. Dill is added to almost everything. It gives food a nice flavour and a more exotic taste.

If you don’t share their love for dill then I don’t think the Russian nation is a good match for you. However, they are quite open to trying something new and don’t mind being introduced to new cuisine.

Do Russians swear a lot?

The abundance of swear words in the Russian language doesn’t leave Russian people with any choice other than swearing. Why not “beautify” and “broaden” your conversation with a few very explicit swear words. Why not stick a few naughty words into a funny story to make it even funnier. So Russians do swear and they are not ashamed of it at all.



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