Top 5 Places to Visit in Prague, Czech Republic

Top 5 Prague Picks

Prague is a wonderful city to visit. Those visiting will find themselves with a huge range of different things they can do in the capital of the Czech Republic. In order to make things easier for you, we have put together a list of our top things to do when visiting the beautiful Bohemian city of Prague.

Old Town Square

Prague’s old town square is famous worldwide and is particularly magical during the Christmas period when a tree and a market makes the square particularly beautiful. The square also boasts a range of restaurants and bars which are often popular with visiting tourists. The restaurants here tend to be a bit more expensive than those frequented by locals, but will still be quite affordable for most foreign tourists. Visitors should be aware of scammers and pickpockets who can target visitors to the Square.

Prague, things to do

St Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is probably the most famous location in all of Prague and is a tourist hotspot. The bridge is simply beautiful and best visited at dusk. Visiting the bridge during the day can be a tad intense with the huge swarms of tourists attracted by the bridge’s beautiful views. Despite this, Charles Bridge is a must visit during your time in Prague.

St Charles Bridge, Prague

Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is considered to be one of the finest Zoos in the whole of Europe. The Zoo is very large and it can be hard to see everything in one trip. Animals in the zoo generally have large enclosures and the massive greenhouse playing host a range of animals from South East Asia is a sight to behold. The Zoo is, however, best visited in spring or summer, with some visitors being disappointed on visits during the colder winter months.

Prague Castle

A visit to Prague Castle is likely to be a highlight of any visit to the city. It is recommended that you arrive early before the bulk of the crowds have made it out of their hotels and hostels. It is very easy to spend several hours walking around the castle’s grounds. The castle also boasts several galleries which are definitely worth a browse. Taking the 287 steps to the top of the castle allows you to capture some beautiful pictures of the surrounding area. Be warned that visiting the castle in the middle of the day can be a mistake as the crowds can get rather overwhelming.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The towering spires of St. Vitus Cathedral can be seen from around Prague, with the cathedral itself being worth a visit. Many people visit the cathedral during their visit to Prague Castle, with the cathedral sitting within the castle’s ground. Entry to the main hall of the cathedral is free, but a ticket is required to fully explore the vast cathedral. The architecture inside and outside is remarkable and definitely worth seeing. Tickets for the full cathedral experience can be bought on entrance to the castle grounds.

We hope that our list has helped you pick out a few things to visit during your visit to Prague. Of course, Prague has much more to offer and we recommend that you take some time to plan your trip and ensure that you get to see all the city’s highlights.

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