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10 Things you should Never Ever Do in England

10 things you must never do in England

1 Boast about your wealth

English people absolutely hate when someone gloats about their wealth. If you wear something expensive or can afford loads of things that’s fine. You are lucky. Whatever the reason for your wealth is, don’t show it off to everyone and don’t talk openly about how many properties, cars and designer bags you have. In general English people disapprove of wastefulness. They prefer being thrifty and reasonable to being lavish and excessive.

2 Be overly tactile

When you are introduced to an English person simply shake their hand. There won’t be any hugs and kisses unless you are very well acquainted. English people prefer to be distant rather than overly tactile. A handshake will do but don’t expect anything else.

3 Stand on the left of the escalator

If you ever decide to stand on the left-hand side of an escalator prepare for a lot of abuse. You will be scolded, shouted at and will get a lot of angry looks. Always stand on the right and walk on the left.

4 Insult British brands

British people are proud of their brands. They love Jo Malone, Cath Kidston, John Lewis and M&S. So don’t dare say anything negative about them.

5 Underestimate British weather

If you think that you don’t need an umbrella today you are wrong indeed. English weather can be very unpredictable. In the morning it’s all lovely and sunny and in the afternoon the lovely day turns into nightmare rain. Frequently check the weather forecast and have your umbrella on you at all times.

6 Call your trousers ‘pants’

This is really hilarious and silly when people call their trousers ‘pants’. At least that’s what British people think. They will tease you and laugh at you because you’ve just been talking about your underwear and not your trousers. How embarrassing is that!

7 Drive on the right

If you hire a car make sure you drive on the right side of the road. By right I mean ‘correct’ which is the left-hand side. Golly gosh how confusing! It’s perfectly fine for British people and there’s nothing strange about it at all.

8 Be slow in the rush hour

You have to have the same pace as everyone else in the rush hour. Otherwise, commuters will stamp on you and walk over you. And, you know, I won’t blame them because you must NEVER stop or slow down in the rush hour.

9 Saying that color and flavor are correct spellings

Oh no! You haven’t just said to an English person that colour and flavour are spelt as COLOR and FLAVOR. Speak proper English, I beg you.

10 Be too loud

The English really dislike those people who are always very loud in public. Although no one is going to scold you in public for being a noise nuisance I promise that you will get a lot of disapproving looks and groans.

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