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My review of the Mooncup and all you need to know

All you need to know about the mooncup

My thoughts on the Mooncup

For environmental reasons I am trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce. And I’ve done quite well so far with my own water bottle, a coffee cup, reusable face wipes etc., etc. The reason I decided to buy the Mooncup is that we, ladies, produce a lot of waste during our period. I personally use three to four pads a day and by the time I’ve reached my menopause I will have produced up to 300 pounds (136 kg) of period waste. This is shocking given that one pad or tampon takes hundreds of years to fully decompose.

So I decided to consider some eco-friendly options. And as I said it out loud my husband promptly recommended the Mooncup to me. Slightly unsure whether to trust my husband with period advice I decided to give it ago.

The first thing I always do is go on Amazon, find the product and check for positive and negative reviews. Most customers felt really positive about the Mooncup which convinced me to pay £18 to try it out. The menstrual cup comes in two sizes. I went for the smaller size B which is designed for women who haven’t had a childbirth yet. Size A is considerably bigger than B.

When my Mooncup arrived it looked quite small. Yet I was still a bit apprehensive and unsure of how to correctly insert it. Following the instructions on the box, I folded it up as shown in the pictures and slid it inside. Don’t let it unfold too early and try to push it as far up as possible. Check that the ribbed end is sticking out so that it’s easy to pull the cup out. My husband kept enquiring whether he’d need to take me to the A&E (emergency room) to take the cup out.

Does the Mooncup leak?

To avoid a nasty leak, make sure you regularly empty your Mooncup depending on the insensitivity of your period. However, it does say that its capacity is 3 times greater than a tampon’s.

If the leak occurred right after insertion, then you didn’t put it in deep enough. Also I don’t recommend bending too much when it’s full as this could cause a leak too. Especially when your period is naturally quite heavy. It worked very well for me during the day as well as at night. I suggest you give it a few days and you will be impressed with the overall performance.

How often do you have to empty the Mooncup?

I emptied it twice a day and it wasn’t even half full. The capacity of this menstrual cup is amazing.

What does it feel like?

On my first day I always have stomach cramps so it felt like the cup was absolutely giant. In the end, I jumped into my period pants thinking it would ease the pain. Except, taking painkillers was the only way to stop me from suffering.

As the pain passed I inserted the cup again and completely forgot about it. It was actually very enjoyable not to sweat in a synthetic pad. The only thing I could feel is the little ‘ribbed tail’ which you pull at to get the cup out.

Is it painful to take it out?

At first I was worried the blood would splash all over me as I was pulling the cup out. So I decided to start bending it slightly while pulling at the tip. I can’t say it was painful just slightly uncomfortable, but the more you do it the easier it gets. On the last days of my period the cup was sliding in and out with no pressure at all.

How do you look after the cup?

While on your period just rinse it thoroughly and put back in. When the period is over, put the cup in the boiling water for 5-10 minutes and store in the little sack that comes with it.

I am not sure if you can purchase a menstrual cup in store but here’s where I bought the Mooncup. Let me know how you get on 🙂

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