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The best gifts a Russian woman will love

the best gift for a Russian girl

The best gifts to give a Russian woman

Russian women are great. They are caring and loving. They are great mothers and wives however they are quite picky when it comes to gifts and romantic surprises. They like them their own way. So here is the best gifts that will drive a Russian girl crazy.

101 Red Roses

101 red roses for a Russian girl

Girls love flowers. And while an average girl is satisfied with a single flower, a Russian girl would only accept 101 red roses. Any Russian girl’s dream is to get an enormous bouquet of roses she would later show off on Instagram to her dedicated followers.

A Surprise Trip

Take a Russian girl on a trip

She’d be happy to travel anywhere from Thailand to the south of France, she just wants to jump in her bikini, bake her body in the sun and drink cold cocktails.

Most importantly it has to be a surprise. You can’t just come up to her and ask – ‘Where should we go?’ You have to plan, buy tickets, book a hotel and then spring the news on her.

The Largest Teddy Bear

Large Teddy bear is the best gift for a girl

The best gift ever is an enormous Teddy Bear. Get the biggest bear you can find so she can give it a good cuddle at night. She will instantly ask you to take a picture of her and Teddy and then will keep cuddling and stroking it all day. Although you bought the present, spent a fortune on it and then dragged it all the way on the tube/ bus, Teddy gets all the attention. Don’t worry she will make you a nice Russian borsh to make up for all the inconvenience.

A Shopping Spree

Shopping is a great way to get as many little gifts out of you as possible. Russian women love clothes, perfume, jewellery, shoes, bags and so on. She will give you a hint of what she likes by putting on her puppy eyes.

A Brand New BMW, Mercedes or Range Rover

A brand new car is a great birthday gift

If you have lots of money and can afford a luxury car then buy it for her. Wrap it in a box or wrapping paper and attach a bow. Ask your girlfriend to close her eyes and then reveal the present. You will hear shrieks and ruptures of joy. She will be ecstatic. Just don’t forget to film this moment and her emotions otherwise there won’t be any evidence to present to her Instagram followers.

A Diamond Ring

You might be thinking – ‘I am not ready to propose yet! We haven’t even started dating!’ Well, in Russia it’s only recently that men started proposing with a ring. Back in the Soviet Union couples just kind of agreed to get married. Surely if you give her an expensive diamond ring it should indicate the seriousness of your feelings.

Believe me, when a Russian woman is in love with you she already wants to marry you. So a ring won’t make her any more or any less keen. She is already super keen.

A Creative Gift

When thinking of a gift for a Russian woman, it doesn’t always have to be expensive as long as it’s creative. Also the fact that you spent some time preparing it will melt her heart even though it didn’t cost you that much.

Throw petals around the room, run a bath and light candles everywhere, play romantic music and cook her dinner. Take her on an exciting road trip to explore new places. Draw her portrait or take her on a picnic and then look at the stars when it gets dark. Join a hand-crafting course and make something for her.

There are so many cool things you can do and Russian girls are always up to everything exciting and cool but not too risky and extreme.

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