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Things to do in Cambridge. The most beautiful city

Why Visit Cambridge -The Best Things to Do

My trip to Cambridge: Fitzwilliam Museum and Punting on the River Cam It’s best to visit Cambridge either in the summer or winter. With most students being away, you can properly explore the city without queues and crowds. Never…

10 things you must never do in England
Meet the English

10 Things you should Never Ever Do in England

1 Boast about your wealth English people absolutely hate when someone gloats about their wealth. If you wear something expensive or can afford loads of things that’s fine. You are lucky. Whatever the reason for your wealth is, don’t…

10 stereotypes about Britain and British people
Meet the English

10 stereotypes about Britain and British people

10 most common misconceptions about Britain and British people There’s always a bunch of stereotypes about every single country and its residents. However, they are not always true. British people get really frustrated when different stereotypes are enforced on…