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Why you should visit Kazan, Russia

A British tourist traveling to Kazan, Russia

*This is a guest post written for OM by my lovely English husband. If you told the average Brit that you had just come back from a trip to Tatarstan, they would probably say they have never heard of…

Things you shouldn't do in India

10 Things you Should Never Ever Do in India

India is a great country with a long history and fascinating culture. Millions of tourists visit India every year. Most visitors really enjoy their trip and return home with lots of new memories. Yet some struggle to adjust to…

Things to do in Cambridge. The most beautiful city

Why Visit Cambridge -The Best Things to Do

My trip to Cambridge: Fitzwilliam Museum and Punting on the River Cam It’s best to visit Cambridge either in the summer or winter. With most students being away, you can properly explore the city without queues and crowds. Never…

Things you shouldn't do in Japan

10 Things you Should Never Ever Do in Japan

I’ve always felt an affinity for Japan, its people and the Japanese language. The country is so far away from the rest of the world that to actually make it there you have to have a good reason and…


Top things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The top best things to do when visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia Go. If you get the chance to travel there grab it. Slovenia became an independent republic in 1991 having previously been part of the Yugoslav Federation.Slovenia is a mountainous country…


10 Great Things to Do and See in Krasnoyarsk

1 Stolby Nature Reserve Stolby Nature Reserve is what Krasnoyarsk is famous for. Although it will take you a couple of hours to get to the first rock formation, it’s a wonderful experience. There are quite a few rocks…