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Meet the Russians

10 crazy facts about Russia you didn’t know

The most interesting facts about Russia Russia is a very big country with a long and fascinating history. People from other countries have started to show more interest in Russia and each year more tourists visit Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and…


10 Great Things to Do and See in Krasnoyarsk

1 Stolby Nature Reserve Stolby Nature Reserve is what Krasnoyarsk is famous for. Although it will take you a couple of hours to get to the first rock formation, it’s a wonderful experience. There are quite a few rocks…

Interesting facts about Siberia Russia

5 amazing facts about Siberia that will shock you

What is Siberia? Siberia covers the central and eastern part of Russia. It’s not a city, not a country in a country, it’s merely just a territory which stretches from the Ural mountains all the way to the East and South. Frankly speaking,…