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My review of a HydraFacial treatment

Is a HydraFacial Worth the Money? Review

The first time I heard about a HydraFacial treatment was on Instagram. It wasn’t an ad but a recommendation. As a result, I rushed to know more about this new treatment and ended up watching about 100 YouTube videos…

Meet the English

All You Need to Know About British Working Culture

I’ve been working in London for more than two years now and have fully adapted to the British office environment. Working with English people is very different from anything I’ve experienced before and it’s a complete opposite to work…

How do Russians celebrate Easter
Meet the Russians

How is Easter Celebrated in Russia

Russia is an Orthodox country and usually celebrates Easter later than Catholic countries including England which is, as you all know, a Protestant country.  Russian Easter falls on the last Sunday of April meaning that this year, in 2019,…

Russian winter sports
Meet the Russians

Why are Russians so good at winter sports?

I am always filled with pride and joy for the Russians and their dazzling performance at the Winter Olympics. They do well at Alpine skiing, figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding etc. etc. And although Russians suck at football, they…

What happens after you get married?
Meet the English

What happens after you get married?

There’s a popular stereotype that most marriages are doomed. Singles believe that it’s only at first pink and rosy: unforgettable honeymoon, lots of time together, laughs and giggles. A couple of years into the marriage they sleep in separate…