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Defender of the Fatherland day in Russia
Meet the Russians

The importance of February 23 in Russia

Defender of the Fatherland Day Defender of the Fatherland Day is also referred to as men’s day and was established to commemorate men for their military achievements. Nowadays any man, without exception, receives congratulations on this day even though…

Why you should visit Kazan, Russia

A British tourist traveling to Kazan, Russia

*This is a guest post written for OM by my lovely English husband. If you told the average Brit that you had just come back from a trip to Tatarstan, they would probably say they have never heard of…

Meet the Russians

10 crazy facts about Russia you didn’t know

The most interesting facts about Russia Russia is a very big country with a long and fascinating history. People from other countries have started to show more interest in Russia and each year more tourists visit Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and…


10 Great Things to Do and See in Krasnoyarsk

1 Stolby Nature Reserve Stolby Nature Reserve is what Krasnoyarsk is famous for. Although it will take you a couple of hours to get to the first rock formation, it’s a wonderful experience. There are quite a few rocks…