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Best gifts for your Russian boyfriend
Meet the Russians

The 10 best gifts for a Russian man

Romantic Dinner Women can’t pay for men in restaurants (read why) and you can’t let him pay when it’s his gift. So the only option is to make the romantic dinner yourself. Find some recipes, buy the ingredients and…

the best gift for a Russian girl
Meet the Russians

The best gifts a Russian woman will love

The best gifts to give a Russian woman Russian women are great. They are caring and loving. They are great mothers and wives however they are quite picky when it comes to gifts and romantic surprises. They like them their…

Meet the Russians

8 ways to say I miss you in Russian

How do you say I miss you in the Russian language? Although everyone thinks that Russians are a cold nation and never smile, they’ve made up a lot of ways ways to express affection. For example, there are as…

Meet the Russians

10 ways to say I Love You in Russian

Say “I love you” in Russian in 10 different ways You might’ve found a Russian partner and are thinking of the right words to express your love towards them. Maybe you are just trying to be creative and want…