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Things you shouldn't do in India

10 Things you Should Never Ever Do in India

India is a great country with a long history and fascinating culture. Millions of tourists visit India every year. Most visitors really enjoy their trip and return home with lots of new memories. Yet some struggle to adjust to…

Things you shouldn't do in Japan

10 Things you Should Never Ever Do in Japan

I’ve always felt an affinity for Japan, its people and the Japanese language. The country is so far away from the rest of the world that to actually make it there you have to have a good reason and…

10 things you must never do in England
Meet the English

10 Things you should Never Ever Do in England

1 Boast about your wealth English people absolutely hate when someone gloats about their wealth. If you wear something expensive or can afford loads of things that’s fine. You are lucky. Whatever the reason for your wealth is, don’t…