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Meet the Russians

6 Traditional Russian Foods to Make at Home

What’s Russian Cuisine? Russian food is pretty simple and easy to make. Apart from salt, pepper and mayo, Russians don’t really add anything else into their meals. The ingredients are not particularly hard to get either. The most beloved are…

Health & Beauty

​ 5 simple and healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast is vital for our body. It gives us an immense boost of energy; having had healthy breakfast in the morning we become more energetic and less prone to mood swings. Fruity yoghurt Fruity yoghurt is a very…

Health & Beauty

5 ways to help your partner lose weight

How I encourage my partner to lose weight I am a ‘health freak’ and my partner isn’t. That’s the reason why ever since I met him, I’ve been on a very important mission to make him healthy and help…