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Dior Exhibition in London

Christian Dior: My Insights from the Iconic Exhibition

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams Ever since V&A announced that it will be hosting the Christian Dior exhibition in winter 2019, everyone has been waiting in great anticipation, including me. I love fashion and have been to other iconic…

How to throw a posh party

10 Great Party Themes to Host a Properly Posh Party

How to Throw a Posh Party? Partying is always exciting for guests and nerve-racking for the host. Guests have high expectations which the host has to exceed. If it’s your first time organizing a party then you are definitely in…


Is Luxury Fashion Eco-Friendly?

It’s a very rare thing to find luxury and sustainability in the same sentence. It’s hard to imagine any manufacturer being sustainable and eco-friendly. However, the fashion industry and several high-end brands, in particular, are starting to redeem themselves…