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Soveral skincare product reviews – pros and cons

Alexandra Soveral skincare

My honest review of Alexandra Soveral’s skincare products

his London based brand is relatively new in the beauty market but has already established itself as one of the best skincare brands. Its creator is super-facialist Alexandra Soveral who has come to London from Portugal to educate people on how to care for their skin. In London She studied Philosophy of Science with a focus on genetic engineering and biochemistry and then she went on studying chemistry and aromatherapy.

For the last 20 years Soveral has been tending to one of the poshest faces of West London, New York and Los Angeles and now anyone can try these treatments at home.

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"I do all the cooking (because I love it!) but Billy loves things like vacuuming, online shopping, and listening to podcasts that make us smarter/happier/healthier. Recently he discovered this #organic#natural skin care line by Alexandra Soveral ( @soverallondon ) when I had been complaining about my skin, and ordered it for me from London 💓I have been struggling with my skin since high school and when I got celiac in college the no gluten resulted in no blemishes for awhile but lately I’ve been trying to figure out what else I’m allergic to because I know it’s something. Jury’s still out on that one (I’m starting to think 🥑 is a problem but that’s a whole other sad sad story!) ANYWAY, THIS. STUFF. IS. GOLD. It smells and feels amazing, every bottle was filled in Alexandra’s lab just for me (👸🏻) and it’s the first time I’ve noticed a difference in my skin with a new product, like ever. My favorite part is the angel balm mask and I just want to keep it on for hours! HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY🤩#gentlecleanser #antioxidants#essentialoils #mutlivitamin #love” @billy.eats . . . . #billyeats #billyshops #skincare

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I had never heard about the brand at the moment of purchase. I simply bought it because the packaging looked nice and I liked what the description said. My skin needed a gentle not overly oily treatment since occasionally I get acne breakouts on my cheeks. You have to tread very carefully having the acne prone skin.

Soveral Angel Balm Deep Pore Cleanser and Regenerative Mask

Angel Balm was the very first product I purchased. It’s 100% organic, made in London and came with two face cloths to have a real spa experience at home. It says that you can either use it daily or weekly. I’ve used it for over two months now and these are the pros and cons that I wanted to share with you.


  • The pot has a lot of product so it lasts for quite a long time.
  • Removing the product with a warm cloth will give you a nice sensation and will make you more relaxed.
  • After the treatment skin feels very nourished and moisturized.
  • It improves skin tone and blood circulation.
  • The product is quite thick so won’t run down your face.

Overall, I really loved the product and wanted to try other products by Alexandra Soveral too. Angel Balm is great and super gentle on your skin. It does what the manufacturer promises and you will see it after the first use. Yet, I still found a few cons in the product perhaps because I am really fussy about everything.


  • You can only take the product off with a facecloth or face towel, you won’t be able to wash it off with water. Hence why I felt like two face cloths weren’t enough and you have to wash them after every use.
  • Soveral products are quite pricey compared with High Street brands. So some might find the price slightly off-putting.
  • There are a lot of oils and scents in this product so if you have an allergy or suffer from hay fever then be careful using it.

Soveral Spotless Spot Treatment Gel

As I previously mentioned my skin is very acne prone and this was one of the reasons I decided to try Spot Treatment Gel. And this is what I think about the product after having used it for about 6 months.


  • Gets absorbed quickly blocking bacteria from spreading further.
  • Helps to heal spots and doesn’t cause stinging or irritation.
  • This gel significantly reduces the number of breakouts and their frequency.
  •  Invisible on your skin.
  • It’s full of vitamins and antioxidants and 100% organic.


I wish it helped with post inflammatory pigmentation too. Yet I am very happy with this product and it lasts for months as you don’t have to put it on your entire face. What I do is distribute it onto my cheeks and forehead after having cleansed my face with a facial cleanser.

You can buy Soveral products on the Net-A-Porter site (that’s where I bought mine) or order them on the official site

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