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6 signs that show an English guy likes you

6 ways to tell that a British man is attracted to you

If you really like an English guy and are wondering whether he likes you back then take a look at this article and discover the six signs that he is definitely into you.

1 He will make an excuse to talk to you

British people talk to one another and exchange pleasantries on a daily basis and it doesn’t really mean that they are in love. However, if a British man likes you he will engage you in conversation going beyond the usual pleasantries. He will be genuinely interested in you and won’t drift out in the middle of your conversation.

2 He remembers little things and facts

If a British man knows too much about you it means he is definitely attracted and drawn to you. While you are struggling to remember everything that you’ve said in the last week, he will remember all the facts and extra details you’ve provided. He likes you hence why he will do his best at familiarising himself with your life, hobbies and interests.

3 He invites you to join him in a pub

Nothing is more bonding than a couple of drinks in a buzzing pub. He will ask you very casually to join him at the pub with a couple of other friends and colleagues. Even though the offer has been put on the table very casually it definitely indicates that he likes you. He wants you to be there and share his happy moments of laughter and joy. He also feels that a few drinks and the informality of the occasion will help both of you relax and get to know each other better.

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4 He will make a lot of eye contact

He will look right into your eyes for longer than usual and will find any excuse to glance over at you. If he is  in love with you then he will constantly look at you and smile. This is the way British men show their affection and I find it rather cute.

5 He will try to kiss you

Everyone thinks British people are reserved and keep themselves at a distance. Although this isn’t the case when a British man is in love. He will make an attempt to kiss you to establish his feelings early in the day. If he’s already started kissing you on the cheek or forehead then a real kiss on the lips is soon to be expected. Yet, he will tread very carefully if there’s a chance that you don’t like him back.

6 He will invite you to football

All British men are great fans of football. They all have their favourite football team they support and many have an annual season ticket. If he fancies you then he will definitely ask you to go along to football. If you fancy him back then go along. If you don’t like football then never mention it so as not to hurt his feelings.

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