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5 tell-tale signs that your boyfriend is Russian – Dating Russian men

What is it like to have a Russian boyfriend?

Cutting down on male friends

Russian men hell are jealous. They are jealous about everything.

If your boyfriend is Russian you definitely get occasional texts saying:

“Who is that guy that liked your photo on Instagram?”

“Who is that guy you have friended on Facebook or VK?”

“Why is that guy staring at your bottom?”  – I’ve no idea, I didn’t ask him to do that.

He wants to know where you are and what you are up to. The longer you are together the more control he has over you – social media passwords, phone passwords etc – sounds like being married to a KGB agent.

Most Russian men are very dominant and controlling which explains why they get so jealous and obsessed. A lot of Russian women complain about their men try to tell them who they should hang out with or what they should wear. Speaking of clothes, they don’t like you wearing a mini-skirt or a very revealing top when you are not with them. Although, if the boyfriend is laid back and relaxed about things it makes Russian women complain even more. If he isn’t jealous, there’s no love in his heart.

In all honesty, I think jealousy is a good testament of love in the Russian society.

You no longer need to pay for anything

If a Russian man invites you to a restaurant, cafe or cinema – it’s a date.

You will definitely talk about your occupation, so try not to brag about being so successful and earning loads of money. I mean once he’s got a hunch that you are way too successful for him, he won’t call you back ever again.

Russian men are very sensitive about giving the right impression – they always want to be manly in women’s eyes. Not being manly for them is earning less than their wife or girlfriend or asking her to pay for them. If in your culture you always go dutch, that’s not the case in Russia. Russian women would never call back a man who made them pay for the meal or dropped a silly joke about splitting the bill.

As long as he loves you he will make you romantic dinners, organise cute little surprises and give flowers every now and then. And as long as there’s at least some money in his wallet, he will pay for your bus fare, restaurant bill and your pampering appointments. (Read more about the perks of having a Russian boyfriend)

Your place is in the kitchen

He will pay compliments and give flowers to you, he will buy you anything that is within his budget as long as you are a good housewife. All feminists are advised to stop reading right at this moment.

He expects you to know how to cook and do it for him every now and then, maybe a bit more often, with enthusiasm and care. He wants you to be a great housewife and have a “passion” for household chores. You’ll have to reassure him that you know how to look after a man, otherwise you will have to look for a husband in another country. We all know how desperate Russian women are to get married. Being single at the age of 23 equivalent to being a “spinster”. That’s exactly why they can do all of that from the day they are born.

There won’t be any more builders, plumbers and electricians in your house

Russian men can do everything. They are taught from a very young age how to fix whatever is broken in the house. Not only can they do something simple like putting up a picture, but are very good at advanced DIY. They know how to paint a wall, unclog the sink and even how to rewire the house – although sometimes it doesn’t end really well either for the house or the “hero”. Showing off their masculinity and making their woman feel feminine is what is engraved in their brains. I guess now it makes sense why in their eyes women should be responsible for cooking and doing housework. A woman with feminist beliefs would find it very hard to adjust to the life that Russian men see as perfect.

If there’s a kitten taht’s got itself stuck in a tree, he will happily climb up the tree and save the kitten. If you need to put your stuff away in the loft, he will gladly do that for you – no matter whether he is scared of heights or not. And he would be very surprised if you were determined to do it yourself without accepting any help at all.

Giving up on bad habits is compulsory 

If you smoke or drink and don’t want to give up, well, you’ll have to. Russian men find it disgusting when a woman smokes or drinks. Especially in those cases when they want to marry her and see her as a mother of their future children.

Of course at first, they wouldn’t give you the tiniest clue that your smoking or drinking irritates them. They will smoke with you, laugh and keep pouring that wine into your glass. Once the time has come, he will make sure that the message is clear and you are on your way to a better and healthier life.

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