Meet the Russians

What you should expect from a Russian boyfriend

What are the perks of having a Russian boyfriend?

Russian men are very romantic and are full of ideas on how to surprise their other half. He will go out of his way to impress you and keep the relationship vibrant and exciting.

If you are in a relationship with a Russian man, these are the things you will get to enjoy:


The more flowers the better. One day he will save up enough money to buy you 101 roses. Giving a lot of flowers to a woman is considered very romantic and affectionate in Russia. Every Russian girl dreams of getting 101 roses, although it does sound a bit lavish and a waste of money.

However, if you’ve managed to get into a relationship with a rich Russian guy then he will buy you way more than that.

Romantic dinner

We all love going out for food, don’t we? Especially if you are in your favourite restaurant eating a delicious meal. Once you are done, he will pay for the dinner despite you going for the most expensive meal on the menu. A man has to pay for his lady. So if you are adamant to split the bill, it will be a tell-tale sign that you don’t like him. Russian men take such things very personally.

If you are a feminist, then maybe you should never date a Russian guy.

Nice little surprises

He asks you to close your eyes and then you open them and there’s a cute puppy that you’ve always wanted.

He will be very attentive to what you say and will try his best to have your dreams come true. As long as you don’t wish for something out of his budget, you will get what you want.


Although Russian people are believed to be very cold and not particularly affectionate, if he likes you he will give you all affection in the world.

They are very good at paying compliments. He will call you a lot of cute pet names and will notice a new haircut or a dress.

So if compliments are important for you in a relationship, then definitely go for it.

Expensive presents

Who wouldn’t like a Chanel bag or a Rolex watch for free? If you are this kind of girl, then go for a rich Russian boyfriend. They know how to spoil girls rotten.

A poorer Russian man might be a bit funny when you spring on him the expensive and lavish desires of yours. However, making him borsh (Russian red soup) or roast meat will help butter him up.

There’s a good Russian saying to remember: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Going to extremes to impress

This picture speaks a thousand words.

Russian men like to impress and don’t mind going to extremes. If you’ve never been proposed to on the edge of a cliff or have never had “I LOVE YOU” sprayed on the pavement right under your balcony, then you’ve never dated a Russian guy.

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