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Popular Russian names for girls – Russian baby names

10 most popular Russian names for girls

Do you want to give your baby daughter a beautiful Russian name? If so, the list below will help you to make up your mind. These are the most popular Russian female names. You will recognise some of them from movies or some of your Russian friends might have one of the below names. Some of them have an English equivalent and almost every name has an informal version which is used on daily basis by family and friends.

So let’s take a look at 10 most popular and also the most beautiful Russian names to call your girl.

1 Ekaterina

Ekaterina II (Catherine The Great) was a Russian empress and the longest female leader in Russian history. Hence why this name is very popular and has a royal feel to it.

Informal versions of the name Ekaterina: Katya, Katyusha.

2 Elizaveta

Once upon a time, there was another Russian empress called Elizaveta I Petrovna of the Romanov dynasty. Her mother was Ekaterina I and her dad was Peter the Grear (Petr I).

Although Ekaterina and Elizaveta are parents’ first choice name for girls – at school I had 5 classmates called Ekaterina and Elizaveta – these names considered to be quite posh.

Informal versions of the name Elizaveta: Liza, Lizaveta.

3 Alexandra

This name is considered one of the most beautiful names and is widely used in western countries. However, Its origins derive from the Greek language. The name Alexandra is a feminine form of the male name Alexandr which is also very widely used.

Informal versions of the name Alexandra: Sasha.

4 Sofia

This name is one of the most popular names in Russia since 2008 and it has replaced the popularity of the name Anastasia (see below). Sofia is the equivalent of the English Sophia.

Informal versions of the name: Sonya.

5 Anastasia

If you were born prior to 1997 then you must remember the famous film Anastasia about a long lost daughter of the last Russian Tsar. His whole family including the tsar was killed by the Bolsheviks during the Russian revolution. It was believed that his beloved daughter Anastasia survived and this case still remains a great Russian mystery.

Informal versions of the name Anastasia: Nastya.

5 Varvara

Varvara is the equivalent of the English Barbara. This name is very beautiful and is getting more and more popular. Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair (Varvara krasa dlinnaya kosa) was a very popular fantasy film in the Soviet Union.

Informal versions of the name Varvara: Varya.

6 Margarita

This name derives from Persian and means “pearl” or “cluster of blossoms”. The English equivalent of this name is Margaret.

Informal versions of the name Margarita: Rita, Margo.

8 Nadezhda

The Slavic name Nadezhda means “hope”. If you have three daughters then call them Nadezhda (hope), Vera (faith) and Lyubov (love). The English equivalent of the name Nadezhda is Nadia or Nadine.

Informal versions of the name Nadezhda: Nadya.

9 Natalya or Natalia

The name Natalia was used a lot in the Russian literature, the good example is “Natalia” Natasha Rostova from “War and Peace”.

This name is spelt in two different ways and both are correct. However, Natalia is a more classic and tradition form.

Informal versions of the name Natalya: Natasha, Nata.

10 Anzhelika or Angelica

The name Anzhelika sounds very angelic and is equivalent to the English name Angela.

Informal versions of the name Anzhelika: Anzhela, Lika.


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