My trip to ghost village Tyneham and iconic arch Durdle Door

Durdle Door on Jurassic Coast in Dorset, UK.

Why visit the ghost village of Tyneham?

Only recently I found out about a ghost village located in south Dorset. Sounds spooky? Yes, if you go there on the wrong day of the week. Read on and I’ll explain why.

It used to be a peaceful countryside village with its own school and church. During the WWII the government claimed the land to train the military forces and people were instantly relocated. It’s now been abandoned for over 60 years. The current residents of the village are herds of sheep, cows and the occasional deer.

Seeing the whole village takes only a couple of hours. Start with the school and church to get an overview of what happened to its former inhabitants. The history is moving and sad. Seeing children’s drawings and toys left behind made me uneasy. I’ve never been forced out of my home but can imagine that it’s a tough experience.

Why you should visit Tyneham village

The village lies in a valley between two ridges of Purbeck Hill. If you walk around the church into the graveyard, there will be a path all the way up to one of the hills. Don’t be alarmed of the signs saying: ‘Danger’ or ‘Military Firing Range’. If you decide to walk out of the village towards the hill, stay on the path and watch out. The fields might contain unexploded shells.

Before embarking on the journey check when the village is open to the public. You don’t want to be there on practice firing days (you certainly won’t be allowed in).

Flick through the images below to see more of our Tyneham-Durdle Door trip.

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Немного о нашем дне! Решили проехаться на машине по южному побережью и съездить в заброшенную деревню, которая сейчас является военной базой. Обожаю английское кантрисайд: поля, пасущихся животных, милые «коттеджи хоббита» и скалы у побережья. Настолько красивые и захватывающие виды. Все в ярко-зелёных красках. Поднялись и потом спустились к Дердл-Дор. Скалы настолько высокие и крутые, что у меня начала кружиться голова 😂 Всем хороших выходных! #holiday #bankholiday #tyneham #lulworth #durdledoor

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Why visit Dorset’s Landmark Durdle Door?

Our next destination was the Jurassic Coast which is a World Heritage Site and home to the famous arch of Durdle Door.

First we arrived in West Lulworth. It’s a small village situated on the English Channel. After having parked our car, we decided to have a look around the area before setting off to see the Durdle Door.

It was a bank holiday weekend and the village was very crowded. If you are looking for a tranquil holiday, maybe avoid bank holiday weekends. What’s really worth seeing in the village is Lulworth Cove, famous for its unique shape. The day was very sunny but windy. I watched people swimming in the water but didn’t feel brave enough to join in.

We headed out of the village towards the South West Coast Path. It starts as a very steep hill and once you’ve finally got to the top the rest feels easy. The paving stone is a recent feature and makes it slightly easier to tackle the steep walk. As you are rising to the top, it opens up the stunning scenery  – the serene waters of the English Channel and the astonishing nature complementing the view. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The surroundings were so beautiful with bright blue and green colours making it look surreal. I also felt slightly dizzy looking down as we were hundreds of metres above sea level.

Once you are at the top, you are on the path to the Jurassic Coast and Durdle Door. Look around and try to memorise the view. It’s not something you see every day unless you live by the coast. I live in London and I really value our trips to the countryside.

In a few hundred metres you will see a steep path downhill and the famous arch Durdle Door. It’s a natural limestone arch and has never been touched by humans. It’s accessible to the public – just follow the steps that will take you all the way down to the beach. When we were visiting some parts of the area were fenced off due to collapsing cliffs.

The South West Coast Path is 630 miles long. So if you walk on it will take you all the way to Devon. On the official website you can book a 52-day or 30-day walking itinerary. Let me know if you have done this walk already and how you enjoyed it.

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