10 Great Things to Do and See in Krasnoyarsk

1 Stolby Nature Reserve

Stolby Nature Reserve is what Krasnoyarsk is famous for. Although it will take you a couple of hours to get to the first rock formation, it’s a wonderful experience. There are quite a few rocks to look at and their size and shape are very impressive.

You can go on this site and book a proper tour with the guide to ensure that you don’t get lost or injure yourself in an attempt to climb them.

2 Embankment by Yenisei River

I am sure you’ve heard about the famous river called the Yenisei. It’s one of the longest rivers in Russia, which stretches across Siberia. There’s one interesting fact about this river. It doesn’t freeze in winter despite being exposed to very low temperatures. The reason to that is the Krasnoyarsk Dam that was built to produce electricity for the city and the Aluminium factory.

3 Museum of Opera and Ballet

This lovely place was built during the time of the Soviet Union and the architecture is very much of the Soviet style. Visiting it is a must as there are always very nice opera and ballet performances. In summer the fountains are on and sometimes, especially in the evenings there are very pretty water shows.

The last opera performance I saw was Madama Butterfly which was very well presented and all sung in Italian. It was fantastic.

4 The top of Karaulnaya Mountain

This mountain is very well known in Krasnoyarsk and is one of Krasnoyarsk’s trademarks. It overlooks the whole city and at night you can see how bright and magical the entire city is.

There’s a little church situated right on top of the mountain and there’s a nice square with trees and benches.  Newlyweds tend to come to this mountain to unite their love by hanging padlocks around the area. It’s a very common and popular tradition in Russia.

5 Krasnoyarsk Dam

Krasnoyarsk Dam is a 124-metre high concrete gravity dam located on the Yenisey River. It supplies power and is situated in a small town called Divnogorsk. After it was built on the river it flooded local villages and now there is, what the citizens call it, the Krasnoyarsk sea.

This is another landmark symbol and is depicted on the 10-rouble note as well as the church which is situated on Karaulnaya mountain.

6 Traveler’s CafĂ©

Western tourists won’t find any Starbucks in Krasnoyarsk. But they will find some superior local alternatives. My favourite place for a quick coffee and a snack has to be the Traveler’s CafĂ©.

Tourists can find a number of these cafes throughout the city, where they can enjoy tasty and reasonable priced food alongside a cup of warm coffee. Those in a rush can also grab a takeaway coffee. Should you take a particular liking to the coffee on offer, be sure to pick up a bag to take home to your friends and relatives.

7 Bar Bulgakov

This bar is inspired by the works of a well-known Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov. If you are interested in Russian literature then you should know such names as Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin and Bulgakov. You can come to this bar, get a drink and some food, and dive into reading.

This bar is very cosy and welcoming. You should also take a visit to the lavatories as they are decorated with a definite 19th-century vibe to them.

The food is very delicious and there’s a wide range of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

8 Funpark Bobrovy Log

Funpark Bobrovy Log is the world-class all-season sports and recreation park. Whatever time of the year you chose to visit this magical place, there will be a lot of fun things to do.

In winter you can try skiing or snowboarding. In summer there is a swimming pool and a lot of attractions for you to enjoy.

9 Tatyshev island

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, a visit to Tatyshev Island is a must.

The Island is accessible via a footbridge and sits between the right and left banks of the river Yenisei. The park is one of the most tranquil spots in the city and makes for a lovely place to take a stroll any time of year.

It is also a great opportunity for tourists to see Russians going about their everyday life and enjoying some nature in the heart of the city. It also possible to rent both bicycles and roller-skates to make your exploration of the island a bit more exhilarating. The Island also often a variety of public events throughout the year.

10 Takmak spa hotel

This hotel is more like a little village with cosy wooden houses surrounded by mountains and trees. It’s very relaxing and peaceful to be there. The area is completely closed off and you are surrounded by nature. So it’s a nice escape from the city and its busy environment.

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