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8 ways to say I miss you in Russian

How do you say I miss you in the Russian language?

Although everyone thinks that Russians are a cold nation and never smile, they’ve made up a lot of ways ways to express affection. For example, there are as many as 10 ways to say ‘I love you’ in the Russian language which you can read about in my other post. However, if you are not at that stage yet, there are plenty of ways to say ‘I miss you’ to your other half in Russian.

If you want to be very direct then the best way to say that you miss someone is the below:

Ya skuchayu po tebe – I miss you

This phrase is as simple as the English ‘I miss you’ – no beating about the bush. Also it’s very conventional so you are not being over the top and you are also not implying anything more than that.

How do you say I miss you in Russian in a more romantic way?

For the romantic souls, I’ve gathered slightly more interesting and touching lines to use which your other half will definitely like.

I miss you in Russian

Mne odinoko bez tebya – I feel lonely without you

On a lonely evening drop your other half a text saying the above. It means that you are thinking about him or her when they are not around.

Mne grustno bez tebya – I am feeling sad without you

You are feeling very sad and despondent without him or her being by your side.

Mne ploho bez tebya – I am not myself without you

This message says that you are not feeling yourself and it would make you feel better if you were together right now.

Mne tebya ne hvatayet – I can’t get enough of you

This message shows that you are longing for him or her. You feel like there’s something missing in your life and it’s him/her.

Ya hochu k tebe – I want to be with you

You are missing them right now and you want to be with them. However, this might imply something else (e.g. netflix and chill).

More casual ways to say that you miss someone

How about if you like someone but they are yet to be your girlfriend or boyfriend? You can’t be too discreet otherwise it might put them off.

Nado uvidetsya – we need to see each other

This phrase is very casual so they will never suspect that you have feelings for them.

Ya hochu tebya uvidet – I want to see you

This is more personal but still quite casual. However, the person might suspect that you like him/her.

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