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How to Become a Real Russian?

How to be a real Russian - Party like a Russian

Party Like a Russian

Have you ever heard ‘Party Like A Russian’ by Robbie Williams? And have you seen the video clip to the song? I watched it no less than 100 times purely to hear once again Prokofiev’s Dance of the Knights combined with Robbie’s great delivery. The ballerinas’ moves are incredibly elegant and the costumes resemble rich Russians’ wardrobe choice. Robbie Williams has managed to portray very closely the life of a real Russian oligarch.

If you have lots of disposable cash, you are not Russian yet – first learn how to throw a truly posh party.

Be Straightforward

I think my husband is still not fully used to me being straightforward. As such, I can openly tell him that he’s put on weight and he needs to go to the gym asap.

Often I am unable to conceal my disapproval or irritation by pulling a smile and pretending to be happy. I just bluntly point out everything I observe. And by the way, I don’t like this about myself so I am working really hard to be less assertive and more gentle.

Dream Big

Most Russian people are, to some extent, dreamers. They dream of a better life, job and financial situation. The average salary in Russia leaves much to be desired which explains why people are keen to earn more money. Some take on another job while others try to marry a rich partner or move abroad.

I choose to dream big. In politics – go for the president. In a company – aim for the board, and in a relationship – be the boss.

Watch TNT and Channel 1

TNT and Channel 1 are Russia’s most popular TV channels. Both are controlled by the government. And while the latter is all about current news, documentaries and political gossip; TNT features a variety of comedy shows and adaptations of Celebrity Big Brother, the Bachelor and Love Island. There’s a prolific reality TV show called Dom2. It has been around for over 10 years with no end in sight.

Love your Family

Russian parents and grandparents see it as their duty to hover over their grown-up offspring. My mum is 50 and my grandmother is still hovering over her. I am 25 and my mum thinks I am 12. Both always try to tuck that ‘one thousand rouble note’ into my pocket despite mine and my husband’s decent income.

They are happy to help with purchasing your first home too. And once you are out, a Russian mum will be calling to check if you are hungry and would like to pop over for a bowl of borsh. Then of course, once the children have grown up, they are responsible for looking after their parents and grandparents.

Always Wash your Hands

Russians never shy away from having a good scrub. Growing up I was told to wash my hands with soap and water as often as possible. And so I did – before cooking or having food, after visiting the bathroom or as I came back home. Soon enough I developed a constant need to nip out to the bathroom and give my hands a good scrub.

Develop Love for Expensive Lifestyle

In case one day you become a Russian oligarch, you have to learn to spend your money on the ‘right things’. Develop your taste for the most expensive and recognisable brands and have all the fine restaurants marked on the map. Although most Russians are struggling to afford the basics, they still have a very good sense of luxury. If any of them manage to break through and be rich, they won’t have any problem knowing where to spend the money.

Love Russian Banya

Russian banya is a fantastic way to relax after a tough week at work. The first time you’ve heard about Russian banya?

Then follow this link to read more about it. Become a real pro at slapping others with leafy branches in a hot sauna.

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