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5 ways to help your partner lose weight

How I encourage my partner to lose weight

I am a ‘health freak’ and my partner isn’t. That’s the reason why ever since I met him, I’ve been on a very important mission to make him healthy and help him lose weight.
His love of beer, burgers and chips is a huge obstacle to him being in total harmony with his body weight. My partner is a computer geek who loves to code for as long as possible and as long as no one makes him get out of bed. We moved in a year ago and I created my own five-step plan to make my partner healthy and slim again.

Step 1: Breakfast is a must.

I myself never embark on a journey without having had a bowl of porridge or greek style yoghurt with berries. It gives me an incredible boost of energy and a positive outlook for the rest of the day.
My partner, on the contrary, likes to sleep in then gets up 10 minutes before he is due to leave for work, fast tracks his morning routine and tears out of the house. On the way to work he has enough time to pop into a local supermarket to buy a bar of chocolate or crisps and a can of coke.
My stomach clenches with fear when I imagine myself having crisps and coke for breakfast. That’s all changed now. Ever since we moved in, we have been having only healthy breakfasts – porridge with a banana which surprisingly he doesn’t mind. I am an early bird, so it’s not a big deal for me to get up a little bit earlier and make breakfast for both of us.

Step 2: Some exercise is essential

Exercising is great for our body and heart rate, but it’s not for everyone which is understandable. Some people like going for a walk or gardening that is partly fitness. In my opinion, moving your body at least for a short while every day is great. I encourage my partner to walk to work for at least 30 minutes a day and we go for long walks every weekend. Also I get him to fetch things for me in the house which requires a bit of motion.

Step 3: Drink plenty of water.

All unhealthy soft drinks and energy drinks that quickly have you addicted should be replaced with water. Water helps with metabolism and weight loss and doesn’t contain any of the sugars that are so harmful to us.

Step 4: No empty plates

Nowadays, we eat out a lot due to our busy work schedules. Being too tired to cook we are prone to eating at cafes, restaurants and pubs where the size of the food that you get is gigantic. And literally, if you eat out every day, you will never lose weight, although what you definitely will have is an immensely stretched stomach. To avoid that leave a third of your meal on the plate or order a smaller portion if possible.

Step 5: Support wouldn’t go amiss

Supporting your partner’s efforts will encourage them to move forward and change. A few compliments such as ‘you look great’ or just saying that you love them and are very proud of them would be very much appreciated. Imagine yourself being in their shoes, wouldn’t you like to receive some praise back? I would!

We love our partners the way they are and they love us back, but it’s very important to look after your yourself, your loved ones and the children that you have or will have. Following these 5 steps, your partner won’t even notice how quickly they become healthy and lean again.

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