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​ 5 simple and healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast

is vital for our body. It gives us an immense boost of energy; having had healthy breakfast in the morning we become more energetic and less prone to mood swings.

Fruity yoghurt

Fruity yoghurt is a very simple and healthy breakfast to make.We need one banana chopped or mashed and a few chopped strawberries. Then we put the content into a bowl and sprinkle cinnamon on top of it. Then we add a few spoons of Greek style yoghurt and mix it all up. This wonderful meal could also be made with blueberries or raspberries or any other berries that would give a great boost of vitamins to your immune system.  Enjoy!

Milky Weetabix

In order to make tasty Milky Weetabix with a banana and berries (optional). We take one Weetabix, crush it by hand and sprinkle as the first layer on the bottom of a bowl. Then we lay out one mashed banana as the second layer and finish it off with another crushed Weetabix which you sprinkle on top. Pour hot milk on top to soak it in. While distributing the milk gently pat the top layer with a fork. The secret is that you pour milk gradually waiting for it to soak in. Decorate with berries if you like and serve immediately, as it might dry up.

Vegetable Omelet

For the Vegetable Omelet, we’ll need 300grams of cottage cheese, three eggs and any vegetables you have in the fridge. Well, in my fridge I have peppers, mushrooms, carrots and corrugates meaning these are the vegetables I will go for.

We chop them all up and then fry until they go soft and look cooked. Mix up the eggs and add 300grams of cottage cheese (small pot). The substance needs a good stir.

Next, we distribute the vegetables onto a baking tray and pour the substance on top of it. The last step is to pop it in the oven for 30 minutes.

Here you go, although the size is huge, you can have it for lunch or enjoy next day.

Scrambled egg

For a Scrambled egg, we need a pan, two eggs and 50 ml of milk. Those who prefer scrambled eggs without milk, stick to a no milk recipe.

We mix up the eggs, add the milk and pour it all in a pan. Heat the substance up and stir continuously. Don’t let the eggs burn at the bottom.

After 5-7 minutes you may enjoy your food. If you wish to give it more taste and make it more filling, have a smoked salmon sandwich with green lettuce or spring onions. Sounds very nice, doesn’t it?


You will need to crack one egg into a bowl then add 150grams of cottage cheese, 50grams of flour and one mashed banana. The dough should be relatively gooey. Once you’ve stirred the ingredients up, prepare the pan with cooking spray, take a serving tablespoon and put the little ball on the frying pan flattening the ball up. The most important is to keep the temperature of the hob relatively low so that you wouldn’t burn your scrumptious breakfast. After a few minutes flip the mini-pancake over and cover the pan with the lid.

Making the sauce: one mashed banana mixed with a few tablespoons of yoghurt.

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