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How do you know that a Russian woman likes you

5 signs that a Russian woman likes you a lot

Women are a mystery. Russian women are a enigma. Actually, this is not the case if you are not oblivious to the signs and hints that she likes you and wants to start dating.

1 A Russian woman likes you if she is giggly

Every single word that comes out of your mouth makes her giggle. It must be quite pleasing that finally there’s someone who laughs at every single joke of yours. She is so giggly and flirty around you that everyone starts to notice that there’s something odd going on.

If you’ve noticed that too then she likes you. And you’d better work up the courage and ask her on a date. Besides, don’t forget that you are paying for everything.

2 A Russian woman likes you if she cares

If she started to care about you all of sudden then you are definitely in her good books. Her care can be over the top and even start to irritate. But this only happens because she likes you a lot.

She will give you advice on how to get over your cold, or that you should wear more layers in winter. Your unhealthy food choices will not make her particularly excited either. She knows that you are a grown-up man and can take care of yourself. She just likes you that’s all.

3 A Russian woman likes you if she talks about you

She tries to be as discreet as possible talking to her colleagues or friends about you. Although it might not be possible and is quite impolite to eavesdrop, you could simply ask the people she’s been talking to.

However, if you’ve already noticed sign number 1 then she is definitely discussing you with her friends right now.

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4 A Russian woman likes you if she looks spot on

She looks great today, – you are thinking. And then you realise that there’s something different about her. She just looks extremely well pampered. The scent of perfume – as strong as never before –  is starting to choke you.

She looks spot on and doesn’t mind catwalking past your work desk as many times as possible just to show off her look.

5 A Russian woman likes you if she makes eye contact

Anyone would notice a pair of eyes set upon them. She is giving you a flirty love stare.

Once you’ve turned around to see who is stalking you, she moves her eyes away pretending that it isn’t her who’s been drilling a hole in your back.

The more eye contact you get, the more she likes you.

Ask her on a date for god’s sake!!!

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