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How do you know that a Russian man likes you

5 signs that a Russian man likes you a lot

It’s very easy to spot affection coming from a Russian man. He won’t try to hide it from you. On the contrary, he will make sure that it’s obvious to you, your friends and boys who too might fancy you.

1 A Russian man likes you if he jokes a lot around you

He will try to win your heart with his sense of humour. Since every Russian man thinks that he is great at banter and other people burst into laughter at his jokes. You will hear a lot of those. And while everyone is giggling away, he will glance at you to check if you too have found the joke funny.

2 A Russian man likes you if he is flirtatious

Look at his body language and listen to what he says. There will be a lot of attempts to flirt with you. Don’t miss them.

If he is bad at flirting and gets all nervous and stutter – it’s a good sign. He is not a ladies’ man.

3 A Russian man likes you if he cares for you

He will offer you his jacket in the freezing cold and will warm up your hands if you’ve forgotten your gloves at home.

He will offer to pay the bill in a restaurant and will beat up any bully that has been harassing you.

If he has a car, he will give you a lift anywhere you like even if he’s got a lot on his agenda.

4  A Russian man likes you if he is tactile

He’s gently rubbed your shoulder while walking past you in the office. He’s “accidentally” touched your waist while trying to squeeze through a crowd of people on the public transport. (Though don’t let it go if it’s the first time you see him – it’s creepy!)

He’s been holding your hand for a while to help you on an icy pavement in winter or on a slippery floor in a shopping mall.

5 A Russian man likes you if he is clingy

It feels like he hasn’t got anything to do every evening because he keeps asking you out. Yesterday he asked if you wanted to watch that popular comedy in the cinema. Today he is asking if you want to go to the zoo as he thinks that you might be fond of cute animals. And he is already making plans for tomorrow to go and see a horse race. He says that it’s been his dream since childhood but all his friends are allergic to horses.

The more he likes you the more he gets attached to you. He will start buying you gifts and will want to spend every second of his time with you.

Though you shouldn’t lead him on if you don’t want to be in a relationship. As Russian men are very prompt at ending the dating phase by asking you to be his girlfriend. Yes, as weird as it sounds in Russia men do ask this question.


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