Why is it so hard to find your first job?

Is it hard to find your first job in London?

I’ve been trying to find my first job for two months and haven’t even got a single interview offer. It’s definitely not looking good for me.

Finding a first job is depressing

It’s quite sad when you think about it from a young graduate’s perspective. It’s sad because most people who are in my shoes have a university degree, potential and aspiration. Although very soon after a few rejection letters – someone at least found the time to tell me that I am not a suitable candidate – the aspiration fades away and the potential doesn’t seem very potential anymore.

I hear a lot of young people say that they were looking for their first job for more than six months which is absolutely ridiculous. Since when is no one interested in young aspiring professionals who are eager to apply what they’ve learnt at university to their new career? Having young people in a company is very important for the growth and prosperity of the company. We are the generation of new ideas and skills.

Obviously, I understand that not everyone is suitable for the role but at least could more candidates be invited to the interview and given the opportunity they crave. Now there are a lot of self-starters and people who find themselves as bloggers, vloggers and Instagram advertisers. Meanwhile, the market is growing and there are more and more people needed, but it’s still hard to get a job and I feel that it’s much harder to get work experience in the 21st century than in the previous century. I am petrified by the fact that I am not even trying to get into one of the most wanted fields such as acting, modelling, journalism and law.

Having a vast skillset and speaking two languages to a very high level, I feel very despondent that I can’t even find a non-paid internship not to mention a proper job. Most employers can’t be bothered to read the covering letter that you’ve been working on very hard thinking through every single word. Not to mention, the portfolio or any other achievements that you’ve attached.

The reality is a lot harsher than the way we think about it when at university. University years are always full of new experiences, knowledge and joy. We think that having a good degree will help us in finding our dream job. Although in reality we end up looking for any job for a long time and then end up doing something that we don’t enjoy. Besides, most of the time we are not even appreciated in the company. The repercussions are being depressed and feeling very negative about life and ourselves, not being able to make our family proud after all those years of them helping us and believing in us.

Advice on finding the first job.

I profoundly believe that the best way to survive in today’s labour world is to be a “slash” – a person who has a lot of different professions and interests. You could be an aspiring journalist / a sales associate / an advertising campaigner / a blogger/ a video editor, etc. Being a “slash” professional is very handy, as you will definitely be able to stand out and impress others by your skills. Although bear in mind that a “slash” person is going to be a very mundane term in a few years time because that’s the role that the majority of people will take on just to survive and become successful.

The other advice I would give is to land any entry-level job you can get. Once you are in the market you’ll quickly climb up the career ladder having all of those “slash” skills.

Fellow job hunters, I wish you all the best and trust me I understand the frustration that you are going through. Don’t give up! And while getting rejection letters or nothing at all – fill your time doing useful things.

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