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Epiduo Gel for Acne Review

Epiduo gel review

I’ve been suffering from mild acne for over a year now. This condition came out of nowhere since my skin had been healthy and clear with only occasional spots cropping up here and there. Unlike acne, those spots healed very quickly and never left scars.

I’ve tried lots of different lotions, creams and ointments to treat my acne. I also tried to cut down on sugar and not to stress out over minor setbacks. One of the best skincare products that helped me most was the 111 Skin anti blemish lotion. It visibly cleared up my cheeks and reduced the frequency of my pimples appearing. I was getting happier as it looked like my spots were finally going away. Alas, I was mistaken. One day I woke up with a boil on my cheek followed by more boils in the next few days. This led me to seek help from a professional and I made an appointment with a skincare specialist. She advised that I try the Epiduo gel as one of the most effective acne treatments.

In England you can no longer buy this gel over the counter meaning you have to see a doctor first. This ointment is stronger than the average anti-blemish product. If you are able to buy it over the counter in your country please follow the instructions to the letter and do a patch test first.

The doctor said to me that I should only put the cream on the affected areas and in tiny quantities. For a few days I applied a tiny drop onto my cheeks only (the most affected areas). Annoyingly more spots popped up on my jaw and forehead. Having forgotten the instructions, I panicked and plastered a handful of the gel on my whole face. Here’s the result of my impatience and negligence.

I went to bed and felt a burning sensation on my face. ‘It must be working’ – I thought. My naivety and stupidity is manifested in this red and slightly swollen face. I woke up in the morning in horror. The instructions clearly stated not to put more than a pea-sized gel drop on the affected area. And if any stinging or burning occurred, you should instantly remove the cream. On reflection, I feel like I had an allergic reaction due to my excessive use of the gel. They say that it’s quite rare to have an allergy to this product but not if you slapped as much gel on your face as I did. The moral of the story is to always read and follow the instructions. Being neglectful can result in an allergic reaction, irritation or another underlying condition.

Some members of my family used this ointment in the past. And having heard a lot of positive reviews of this gel, I am feeling cross with myself. Yet, despite this disaster, I’ll give it another go once the redness and itchiness have subsided. But this time treading very carefully so as not to set off my allergy once again.

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