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What do English men think about Russian women?

A guest post written by my beloved husband

What do I think about Russian women?

As an English man who has been married to a Russian woman for over a year, I think I have been able to gain some insights into Russian women. There are certainly significant cultural differences between Russian and English women.


Russian women are much more assertive than their English counterparts. While English women tend to be willing to put up with ‘undesirable’ behaviour much longer than their Russian counterparts. When you have done something that annoys a Russian woman, you will hear about it very quickly. This can be a bit of a shock for English men, who are used to people being much more careful with their words.

Family Focussed

Russian culture, in general, is much more family focused. Families are close-knit and spend a lot of time with one another. Expect your Russian woman will want to replicate this should you get into a meaningful relationship. This can possibly put a small strain on your relationship at times, but in general is a very positive thing.

Better Cooks

Due to the family focus, many Russian women have spent a lot of time with their mothers and grandmothers cooking. This means that in general Russian women are much better cooks than the English. This is a massive positive and means that I get to enjoy many beautiful meals, whereas many British women struggle to cook anything edible.

Better Looking

It is a well-known stereotype that Russian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. This is largely true. On my first trip to Russia, I remember walking around central Moscow on a Friday evening and being taken aback by how many attractive women I saw. Russian women tend to take very good care of themselves. In Russia, there is little to no obesity among young women, with fat acceptance not being part of Russian culture.


All the young Russian women I know love one thing more than anything else. Shopping. Russian women love to go shopping whether this for make-up, jewellery or clothes. The main thing is the shopping itself. I have gone through the hell of being dragged around one too many Russian shopping centres looking at endless different products.


Though my wife will likely kill me for making this point. It has to be said. Russian women can be quite bossy, and at times struggle to see things from another perspective. This is something that can be said of Russian culture in general, where people tend to hold very strong opinions about something and with there being almost no way to persuade them otherwise.

Overall, I am very positive about Russian women and significantly prefer them to their British counterparts. That’s not to say there aren’t some cultural differences and misunderstandings that can on occasion put an unnecessary strain on a relationship.

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