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5 tell-tale signs that your girlfriend is Russian – dating Russian women

What is it like – dating a Russian woman?

Not only is she your girlfriend but mum too

I bet a lot of us still remember those days when we were little. Mum and Dad cooking us food, giving us pocket money, tidying our room, sorting out our problems and the list goes on and on. That’s exactly what dating Russian women is like – being back to childhood.

The moment she realises that she likes you, you will get all the care in the world. She will make sure you are leading a healthy lifestyle – eat three times a day and have a good night sleep.

There’s a book of recipes in her head which she is happy to implement. You will be fed twice a day and there will be a little lunch box to take to work. No junk food, only natural products. You will eat a lot of soups, potatoes and carrots.

In no time your favourite shirt will be cleaned and ironed. The wine stain that has been sitting there for ages will magically vanish. And finally, your holey old socks will be repaired and washed. Although it all sounds good she will expect you to do all the manly work in the house. If you have no idea how to change a bulb or put up a picture, you can employ someone to do the work for you. She will still see you as a hero because your pay is big enough to be able to afford such luxury.

Bossy boots is her second name

There’s no bossier woman than a Russian woman. On your first date she might ask you not to chew loudly or take off that embarrassing hat. Although most Russian women would try to hold in the urge to point out what she doesn’t like about you. There’s always the right time to let the bossiness out. The last thing she wants is to scare you away. Better wait until you are madly in love and can forgive a bit of the bossy boots in your girlfriend.

You have to be very patient if you want to have a good healthy relationship. Sometimes you will feel that whatever you do is wrong. In order to understand your Russian girlfriend, simply start reading more about Russian culture and Russian people and you will see where she is coming from. The only thing to remember is how to say NO. Be firm. Russian women love those men who occasionally contradict their bossy nature and do things their way.

The Russian woman has a very sensitive soul

A Russian woman wouldn’t mince her words when giving her opinion. Her replies are always very straightforward and blunt. It’s part of Russian culture and the way Russian people communicate with one another. Despite this, Russian women get offended quite easily and wouldn’t appreciate your sarcastic jokes. They are happy to laugh at themselves as long as the joke isn’t coming from you, her boyfriend.

She will get very tearful while watching a soap opera and you, all confused, will spend hours comforting her.  A dead bird or a stray hungry puppy will make her feel very low and downhearted.

Breakfast in bed and fresh flowers every morning, please

I bet your Russian girlfriend has requested a ‘surprise’ hundreds of times and you have no idea what she means. Well, Russian women are very romantic and in Russia men always make little cute things to surprise their women. Russian men go out of their way to impress their other halves. That’s one of the ways Russians show their affection towards each other.

Giving her flowers or making breakfast in bed is one of the easiest ways to impress her. After you’ve done that a few times she would expect something more creative and resourceful. For example, buying rose petals, scattering them around flat and lighting a few dozens of candles just in time for her to step in the flat and be left in awe. A spontaneous trip to a different country would be a fantastic chance to have her jaw drop in disbelief and excitement.

Anyway, just be romantic at least sometimes and make sure you don’t overdo the romance so that you both stay safe.

It takes hours for a Russian woman to get ready

You will waste away while waiting for her getting ready. Appearance is everything to a Russian woman. No matter whether she goes out to get milk or has a date in a fancy restaurant. She will look stunning and flawless – full make-up, high heels and the best outfit. If she doesn’t feel like wearing anything super glamorous – just jeans and trainers – you will still lose the count of how many hours it takes her to get ready. It’s a skill that women can’t explain and men comprehend.

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