Center Parcs Woburn Forest review – the best family holiday

Center Parcs holidays and how to get the most out of them

Center Parcs is one of the most popular family holidays in the UK. Acres of woodland, flora and fauna is everything you need to take your mind off things and have lots of fun for four days. This destination is perfect for big families as well as couples with no children. You will be accommodated in a nice wooden lodge which has a very scandinavian feel to it. There are also other options including a spa hotel, treehouse and a big two storey house for bigger families.

Our trip to Center Parcs Woburn Forest

If you ask me, there isn’t a best season to visit Center Parcs – each time has its own perks. This place is always filled with happy families and couples and I don’t think there’s ever a quiet time for the staff.

My first trip to Center Parcs at Woburn Forest happened to be at what we thought the worst weekend ever. It’d been snowing for the whole week in London and we were worried that the road would be impossible to negotiate. A few destinations had already tweeted that the snowfall blocked the roads and people had to extend their stay in Center Parcs at Longleat and Whinfell Forest with newcomers unable to reach the sites. Despite the bad weather conditions, we set off on our journey to Woburn not letting the snowfall spoil our long-anticipated adventure. Upon arrival, we were promptly greeted and at around 3 pm the staff let us into the lodge area to unpack and settle in for the weekend.

After we arrived the snow got heavier and it felt like being in Scandinavia. The scenery was astonishing. We got into our cosy lodge which had two bedrooms, underfloor heating and a wood burner that kept us really warm and snug in the snowy weather.

Although a few outdoor activities were cancelled due to the snow, it still didn’t spoil our fun holiday. Besides, there were so many indoor activities to try we didn’t notice the difference. The perimeter was enormous and although many people still cycled in the snow we chose to do a lot of walking to ‘impress’ our step counting app. In the Village there were a lot of shops and restaurants and of course, the swimming pool.

The 10 best activities to try at Center Parcs

1 Laser clay shooting & Archery

Laser clay shouting is fun especially in a group of more than two people. Otherwise, if the other person is too good you will feel discouraged. It’s still easy to get a good grasp of laser clay shooting if it’s your first time.

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Кто-то любит валяться на пляже и загорать, а мы любим что-то такое 🙂 Я не люблю солнце особо, у меня оно забирает всю энергию, поэтому мы решили отправиться в знаменитые английские парки в лесу. Тут столько всего можно попробовать. Например, стрелять из лука, стрелять лазером, играть в теннис и бадминтон, сражаться на шпагах, кататься на квадроциклах и, конечно же, СПА. 😍 #centerpark #bedford #fun #shooting #weekendvibes

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Archery is a harder skill to master but the staff at Center Parcs are so lovely and helpful that they will explain how it works in the most efficient and understandable way.

2 The Aqua Sana Spa

There is a myriad of different spa treatments for your face, body and soul. If you’ve come to relax and take your mind off stressful work life then the Aqua Sana is the perfect place to be. Upon arrival you are given a cosy white robe and led to the treatment rooms.

There’s also a heated outdoor pool for those who want to relax further. You have to pay for the pool or get it free if you’ve purchased 3 hours worth of different Spa treatments.

3 Badminton and Tennis

It’s very hard to cover all outdoor and indoor activities at Center Parcs. This place literally has everything you can think of. Badminton and Tennis are one of the most popular activities among adults and children. A lot of families also play together in groups of four which I find quite bonding.

If you have your own rackets and tennis balls/ shuttlecock then I suggest you bring them with you otherwise you have to hire the equipment.

4 Quad biking (not at Woburn Forest)

Quad biking unfortunately wasn’t available at Woburn Forest since it’s the newest destination and a few bits and pieces are still being built. So hopefully quad biking will be on Woburn’s outdoor activity list soon.

5 The Subtropical Swimming Paradise

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise is a big aqua park with a lot of different pools and water slides. It’s free and always extremely busy. There are quite a lot of children splashing around and it gets really crowded during the day so if you don’t feel like being disturbed then you can try Aqua Sana’s pool which is for adults only.

6 Sailing

The landmark of every Center Parcs’ destination is a lake. Unless the lake freezes due to a low temperature you can do different water activities like sailing or hire an electric boat.

7 Fencing

What is most attractive about fencing is the white uniform, the mask and the sabre. It’s an elegant and sophisticated sport. You can try that at Center Parcs too. The coach will show you the right posture and teach you how to fence.

8 Golf

Center Parcs offers mini-golf only otherwise there wouldn’t be any room for other activities since a golf course would take up a large chunk of the territory. Play with your family or friends. Mini-golf is a good way to start learning to play real golf.

9 Nature Activities

Try tree trekking, high ropes challenge or tree climbing to lift your adrenaline level. All activities are for adults and children so you can have a nice time with your family outdoors.

If you love nature or you are a practising bird watcher then you will like the following activities: wildlife walk, willow workshop and woodland awakening.

10 Exercise & Fitness

For those who go to the gym and group fitness classes despite being on holiday, Center Parcs offers a whole range of classes including Zumba, Pilates, Yoga etc.

If you have your own bike then bring it to Center Parcs and cycle for free otherwise bike hire is available.

Let me know down below if you have any questions and I will be happy to help. Enjoy your woodland getaway.

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