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How to be more eco-friendly

My Personal Guide to Being more Eco-Friendly

Why did I make the Decision to Be more Environmentally Friendly? I haven’t always shown such a deep concern for the environment. There were times when I chucked rubbish in the bin without thinking where it would actually go.…

How to throw a posh party

10 Great Party Themes to Host a Properly Posh Party

How to Throw a Posh Party? Partying is always exciting for guests and nerve-racking for the host. Guests have high expectations which the host has to exceed. If it’s your first time organizing a party then you are definitely in…


Is Luxury Fashion Eco-Friendly?

It’s a very rare thing to find luxury and sustainability in the same sentence. It’s hard to imagine any manufacturer being sustainable and eco-friendly. However, the fashion industry and several high-end brands, in particular, are starting to redeem themselves…

Is it hard to find your first job in London?

Why is it so hard to find your first job?

I’ve been trying to find my first job for two months and haven’t even got a single interview offer. It’s definitely not looking good for me. Finding a first job is depressing It’s quite sad when you think about…