Candlelight Concert Review – St Martin-in-the-Fields

St Martin-in-the-Fields Candlelight Concert Review

I am obsessed with classical music and, as an amateur pianist myself, I get inspired by professionals performing my favourite classical pieces.

At my very first classical music concert I was secretly crying. It was a very touching piece written by the famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky. Most Russian classical music is played in minor key (sad moods) and indeed pulls at one’s heartstrings. Besides, as a Russian national, I was filled with pride and joy that such a talented composer came from my country.

My peers find this obsession a bit odd  (classical music isn’t particularly trendy amongst twentysomethings). This is why I often struggle to find a classical music buddy to keep me company at such cultured events. If you understand my hardships please get in touch on my Oblivious Mind page and we could be obsessed with classical music together 🙂

Recently I came across a Facebook event for a candlelight concert at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London. I knew it was a little church situated by Trafalgar Square but never realised that there was more to it. Other than religious services, St Martin-in-the-Fields hosts many events from music concerts to lectures, courses and exhibitions. Yet, it still is a cosy Anglican church with its own cafe on the underground floor and a spacious gift shop.

When you book tickets for an event here, I recommend going straight onto their website. Don’t be tempted to order through Fever, as I did, or other resellers. The reason is that Fever selects seats for you and while the front rows (A&B) up to row G have the same price, the view isn’t the same. I ended up in row E where I was only able to see one-third of the orchestra and a quarter of the conductor. It was disappointing since following the conductor is something I really enjoy.

Beware that the tickets sell really fast due to the incredible popularity of this venue. I had to book mine a month in advance.

Most of the pieces played were well-known and coupled up with the beautiful interior of the church and candlelight made the whole experience truly magical. Although I ended up in the seats with ‘restricted view’, gazing around at the stunning decor and listening to Vivaldi’s best compositions put me in high spirits. However, if you fancy a full immersion experience go for the front row seats, as the orchestra is almost within arm’s reach. There are also balcony seats to watch the concert from above. 

After having had such a lovely time, I now fancy going to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and of course will be looking out for more events like that.

Since you are here, it probably means you are considering or have already made up your mind and just double-checking reviews. I am sure you will have an amazing time and ask any questions you have in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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