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Binge eating can kill – Ways to stop binge eating

We eat. We snack. We eat again. Food becomes more than just a source of energy. It’s our friend. It comforts us in moments of sadness. It cheers us up in moments of joy. And eventually, it kills us. The more we eat the more we realise that our lives revolve around food. We become dependant. This is called binge eating.

Let me tell you a story of how binge eating affected me and the route that I took to fight it.

I have a sweet tooth. Although I am afraid that soon enough I won’t have any teeth, because of the tons of chocolate I consume every day. I love everything: sweet popcorn, chocolate, biscuits, honey roasted nuts, scones and other pastry. I know that many people face the same problem on daily basis. Some of them try to resist others can’t or don’t even try.

I try to move quite a lot to compensate for the amount of sweet stuff that I eat on daily basis, but it’s exhausting. Burning all those calories just to be able to cram more chocolate into my body. I also suffer from a very high heart rate. Binge eating of chocolate is one of the culprits of that. It affects the thyroid which starts producing more hormones. It also increases the blood sugar level the instability of which eventually causes diabetes.

My ways to control binge-eating

I am showing you the ways that I discovered for myself; they helped me a lot and are still doing their job very well. Although they might not entirely work for you, still try and don’t give up. In very serious cases you could always do hypnosis or the binge eating therapy.

First stage: Fear

Whenever we have a health problem – the internet is our first adviser. So go onto the internet and read more about binge eating and how it kills innocent eaters.

It’s very easy to convince your body and your brain of anything. Just persuade them, make your brain and your body believe in the damage that the bad habit might cause. I don’t think it would be a problem with binge eating because it is severely damaging. Read the Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg – real life example of someone who ate herself to death.

Second stage: Substitute

Finding a substitute is a great idea. Find something that you like which is at the same time a healthy product.

Since I am a hopeless chocolate addict and can’t stop nibbling until the whole bar is killed off. My substitute is dark chocolate. Now I eat only 85% dark chocolate. It’s very rich so I can’t eat a lot. I’ve been eating the bar that is in my fridge right now for three days. Can you believe that? I just can’t eat more than 6 little pieces in one go, because the amount of fat and richness makes me feel sick.

Third stage: Willpower

Train your willpower. If you don’t have it at all, it won’t do any good to you in the long run. Buy something that you crave – pizza, burgers, ice-cream, doughnuts, crisps or chocolate (which is my case). Then put it on the table or place it somewhere in sight and don’t eat it. I know it’s very tempting but get your hands and mouth off it. Train your willpower and make your body do what you want not what it wants.

Fourth stage: More movement

Start with walking:

  • Walk to work and back.
  • Get a dog and walk it three times a day.
  • Get a bus somewhere nice and then walk all the way back home.
  • Go for a walk at lunch.
  • Always take the stairs.
  • Buy a treadmill


Fifth stage: Make friends with the right people

There are a lot of groups and societies where people get together and do healthy things. That’s exactly what you need – likeminded people. If you are surrounded by healthy friends you will start leading a healthy life subconsciously. They might also give you a couple of great ideas on how to avoid binge eating.

Sixth stage: Make yourself busy

If you eat when you are bored, then you have too much free-time. Make yourself busy, go out more often and be as far away from the fridge as possible. At the weekends get out of the house and go sightseeing.

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