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The best British activities to do on a rainy day

What do British people do on a rainy weekend?

It rains a lot in Britain and this isn’t a stereotype. It’s a fact. I personally adore British weather for being so unpredictable. I also love it for being cool most of the time and never too hot. However, some might find it hard to get used to torrential rain and those weekend plans spoilt by rainy spells.

British people complain about the weather but never get too upset when it’s not to their taste. You should always have plan B in case it rains. There are various great activities you can do in overcast weather and still enjoy your weekend.

1 Go to a pub

A pub is one of the places where the British go regardless of the weather. On a rainy day, on a sunny day, on a workday and at the weekend they go to the pub. This is part of the British culture and the best way to socialise with others.

2 Solve a puzzle with family

Solving a puzzle is time-consuming, which means you have plenty of time to complete it during the rainy weekend. This activity is very bonding and so much fun. On a rainy day you will definitely see British people queueing up to buy a puzzle.

3 Go to the ballet or opera

Going to the opera or ballet is considered a very posh thing to do. The ballet is considerably cheaper than the opera however both experiences are very sophisticated and classy. For those who like classical music the Royal Festival Hall organise beautiful orchestra performances.

4 Visit a museum or gallery

Going to the museum or gallery is another educational and sophisticated thing to do. Cultural activities have always been encouraged in British society.

5 Go for a drive in the rain

Walking in the rain is very wet and chilly unless you wear a warm raincoat and a pair of Wellington boots. So why not take the whole family for a drive in your car with the heating on.

6 Watch a favourite tv series or BBC news

Why not catch up on your favourite Netflix series or watch some BBC to get the most of your tv licence.

7 Play board games

Board games can be very educational and beneficial for your logic and reasoning. British people consider this activity as a great way to have some family time.

8 Have a cuppa tea

A British person can never have enough cuppas. In fact, let’s have some tea now and read a great article on how to make the best British tea.

9 Read a book

A rainy weekend is a good opportunity to do some reading. In fact, the British like reading so much that they will always find a reason to seclude themselves with their favourite book. If you are not a keen reader then maybe it’s a good time to start since it rains a lot in Britain.

10 Get out the family photo album

Before having some family photo time the British make sure they’ve accumulated enough photographs to entertain themselves for a couple of hours. It’s a nice way to get nostalgic and travel back in time.

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