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A Review of WUKA Period Pants

A Review of WUKA Period Pants

My Thoughts on WUKA Period Pants

Having read that on average a woman disposes of 11,000 tampons/pads in her lifetime, that then take not years but centuries to decompose, I decided to do a bit of digging. Sadly, it’s still early days of creating a fully sustainable world and the range of eco-products leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, I came across Wuka Period Pants which are just a pair of black underwear that can absorb up to four tampons worth of blood. And with a simple 40-degree machine wash, the pants become as good as new.

The idea of wearing a pair of normal pants without a sweaty sanitary pad was like a dream come true. I have a very sedentary job which makes wearing a pad unbearable. Too hot, too sweaty and utterly uncomfortable. The single-use pad tends to slide off around midday when the sticky bit has worn out. On reflection, all the money spent on pads and tampons throughout my life could perhaps buy me a nice car.

How Much Do Wuka Period Pants Cost?

There are two types of pants – heavy and light. Sold at £24.99 and £21.99 with free shipping in the UK. I thought the price was a bit too steep but then considered that actually, I spend a lot more on sanitary products in a year while Wuka will last me a few years for just under £25. For the first time I was looking forward to my period.

What Did It Feel Like?

Being in Wuka underwear feels like being in ‘bottom heaven’. They are really soft and cosy. The reusable pad is sealed inside which means the surface is nice and dry. There won’t be that feeling as if you are wearing a diaper or your bottom is drowning in a swamp.

Do Wuka Pants Really Work?

I know it was a bit of a risk to test Wuka Panties on the first day of my period. But I had great hopes for this product and many positive reviews too brought hope and optimism. Yet at work I kept nervously checking my bottom for any signs of leakage. Hooray! My pants did a great job and I made it through the work day (9 hours) without embarrassing myself.

On a lighter day you can really let the thought of your period go for the whole day, on a heavier day you should change after around 8-9 hours. This is how great they are at absorbing and holding in the liquid. Really exciting!

What’s more, Wuka’s are real lifesavers during the night. Made up of four layers, with the central layers interlocking liquid and the outer layers giving you a nice soft feel, Wuka ensures that you don’t wake up in a pool of blood. This is crucial for me as I move a lot in my sleep and so does a sanitary pad. It was really frustrating to wake up to ‘the aftermath of carnage’ and then struggle to remove these post-battle wounds from my white sheets.

My Verdict: Are Wuka Pants friend or foe?

All you need to know about WUKA Period Pants

Wuka Panties are truly amazing. I never thought my period can be so comfortable, cosy and dry. I now have three pairs of the ‘heavy’ panties and have pre-ordered two pairs of the new ‘light’ panties. It’s a great investment that will save you a lot of money while its eco-factor will make you a better person.

Of course there are certain limitations like swimming or going to the beach (there’s not yet a Wuka Bikini range). Additionally, you won’t get by with only one pair as it takes up to two days for the pants to fully dry.

But I wouldn’t feel deterred by these things knowing how effective and great these pants are. Periods are a real pain, literally and metaphorically, and if something can make it more pleasant – it’s Wuka.

This isn’t a sponsored post. I really like trying out different products and recommending those that actually work.

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