5 Simple Steps to Becoming an Eco-Friendly Person

How to live an eco-friendly life

Replace Bleach with Eco Cleaning Products

Bleach is very toxic and harmful to the environment as well as to human health. Even I used to buy branded bleach all the time due to the massive advertising of the brands. Like everyone else I followed the crowd and was ignorant of the fact that it was horrendously damaging to the environment.

Nowadays eco products are easily accessible online or in most shops. They are slightly more expensive than bleach but do a better job at cleaning and removing water stains, scale and yellowness in the toilet. One of my favourite eco brands is Ecover with their nice range of all-purpose cleaning products.

This company doesn’t just produce environmentally friendly goods, they are constantly thinking of ways to encourage the world to be more sustainable. They strive to have all their bottles made from 100% recycled plastic which can be further recycled making it a no waste process. This is increasing the demand for facilities to recycle a wider range of plastics than the commonly recycled plastic types 1 and 2.

Take a Shorter Shower

The production of cotton, droughts and water contamination create huge water shortages.

To tackle this issue on a global scale is rather hard. However, taking shorter showers and not leaving your tap on for no reason will contribute significantly to improving the current water situation. If every single person on the planet (over 7 billion people live on our planet) cut down on their water usage we could save thousands of gallons of water each year. This also means that water companies require less energy to process and deliver water.

Reuse When You Can

Think of how many things you could reuse on a day to day basis. Instead of buying plastic bottles every now and then get yourself a proper water bottle. Don’t tend to reuse single-use plastic because it releases bad chemicals hence why it’s called single use. I’ve recently purchased a water bottle from Chilly’s and I am absolutely loving it. It’s pretty and keeps the water very cool throughout the day. I bought a 750 ml version however as it’s quite big and not always great to carry around when you don’t have a big bag so I am going to buy a 500 ml to add to my growing collection.

Learn to Recycle

It’s very important to recycle correctly. In the UK, for example, we only have facilities to recycle type 1&2 plastics. Other types of plastic such as film or black plastic are recyclable too but there’s been insufficient demand for it to date meaning the facilities are just not available. Paper and cardboard can be recycled as long as it’s not contaminated with food. Always rinse your plastic packaging to make sure there aren’t any contaminants. Otherwise your recycling will end up in the landfill. Glass can be recycled but also reused. Reusing is preferable where possible as recycling is very costly and energy-consuming. Besides, some recycling processes create even more toxins (ex. oil refining).

Preach Eco Lifestyle to Others

You will be surprised how many people are actually passionate about the environment and sustainability. Others need some encouragement. Speak to your friends about different eco tricks and help them reuse and recycle correctly. Encourage your friends and colleagues to follow these 5 steps towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Have a look at my personal tips and tricks on how to live an eco-friendly life.

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