What makes me happy – 5 easy steps to instant happiness

The reason you are reading this article is that you are probably feeling down, unhappy and stressed.

We all want to be happy. Yet, bad emotions tend to take over our mind and then our body. When we are under a lot of pressure and stress, our body gets tired twice as fast and our productivity starts to decrease.

Let’s have a look at 5 simple and extremely effective ways to cope with stress, mood swings and an unhappy state of mind.

1 Do sports for fun

There are a huge range of sports to choose from. A good workout can help you let all of your steam out. For example, you can do some boxing after work – punching the imaginary faces of your annoying clients can be a great way to relieve stress.

Joining a group activity is a great idea if you want to exercise and have fun at the same time. Talking to people will take your mind off things and bring back the happy you. I love group activities as I am a very sociable person. After talking to people I always feel more positive and chilled about life.

2 Smile and laugh

Even if you don’t feel like laughing or smiling find a reason to do so. Positivity helps conquer despondency.

Catch up with people who make you laugh, read an anecdote, watch a funny cat video or just go out and have fun with other people. There’s a lot of reasons to be happy and smile so go and find them.

Even a silly and insignificant game of cards can really put you in high spirits, as long as you don’t let your opponent win.

3 Watch your favourite programme

If you love soaps or romantic dramas, it’s time to change your preferences. Instead of cheering you up, these films put you in an even darker place – utter depression. I stopped watching these films about 3 years now. They do no good to you that’s for sure. You either end up crying and being sad about the bad ending for the characters or you compare their happy ending with your own situation.

Choose something neutral – a film or a programme that is related to anything but love and sorrow.

My favourite show is Dragon’s Den. I love watching people sweating and strutting in front of the terrifying investors. I also like watching interesting documentaries or silly sitcoms.

4 Have a good cry

Crying is not embarrassing at all. If you feel like crying just let it out. Although, I would still hold it back until you are back home so that no one actually sees your weakness. Crying is also very good for you mental health. People who restrain their emotions are more likely to develop mental health issues than those who let it out and move on.

5 Compare yourself with others

You might be thinking that you’ve had the worst day ever and your life is no fun. Well, you are wrong. There’s always someone in the universe who is feeling worse than you.

If you think that you’ve got the worst job, salary, boss, partner, children or you just find your life particularly stressful and tough. Go talk to people and ask them what they think about their job, life etc.

Very candid people will reveal a lot more than you’ve imagined. While someone else’s life might look perfect and the utter joy is reflected in their Instagram snaps, the reality can be shocking.

Anyway, trust me that after a few candid ‘surveys’ with friends, colleagues and relatives, you will start to realise that your life isn’t that bad after all.



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