5 amazing facts about Siberia that will shock you

Interesting facts about Siberia Russia

What is Siberia?

Siberia covers the central and eastern part of Russia. It’s not a city, not a country in a country, it’s merely just a territory which stretches from the Ural mountains all the way to the East and South. Frankly speaking, the more I travel the more I realise that people know nothing about Siberia. Although they do know about Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and some other relatively big western Russian cities, they have no idea what Asian-Russia looks like.

Let me tell you 5 amazing facts about Siberia which you are very unlikely to know.

Fact 1: It’s not always freezing in Siberia

Before I even start I will show you a July weather forecast in one of the major Siberian cities called Krasnoyarsk. If you check on the map the location, you will see that the city is relatively central.

Can you now imagine how hot it is?

Russian winterIf you have been to Thailand it is like their winter. It’s terribly hot, you sweat and have to drink bucketfuls of water like a poor camel in the desert. Basically, Russian climate is quite dry. We have a very hot still and dry summer along with a cold and dry winter.

Now you might be thinking: ‘Wow! Apparently, I should go to Siberia instead of Thailand, Turkey or Greece’.


You’re right! Not only will you get a beautiful even tan, but you will also get the opportunity to admire beautiful nature, forests the size of which you could never dream, beaches, lakes and, of course, inhale some fresh air and so on.

Of course, I would suggest planning your journey in advance. You can easily get lost as Russia is so huge. Moreover, I would recommend finding some Russian friends via the internet who could show you another side of Russia which you will never discover on your own.

Fact 2: Siberia is the most beautiful part of Russia

There are vast stretches of forests, stunning nature and scenery and a wild untouched reality. You can take endless photographs to keep as memories of your adventure.

Let me show you some picture of Siberian sights.

This amazing place is called Gornyi Altay situated in Western-Siberian region. You will definitely get fresh air and beautiful views there. As you might have realised there is no shortage of mountains in Russia. You can go climbing, hiking, camping, running etc.

Fact 3: Siberia is snowboarding and skiing friendly

Gornaya Salanga

Gornaya Salanga

Look at this beautiful ski resort called Gornaya Salanga. It’s an awesome place for ski and snowboard lovers. Besides, you can stay in those cosy wooden houses with delicious food and warm drinks.

The Russian winter is pretty long and cold, but if you exercise a lot you won’t get cold trust me. There are a lot of Russian winter outfits available in store and online. In fact, you can even get equipped in your country (we all have the internet now).

Get the warmest jacket with a pair of winter trousers and you are sorted.

Fact 4: There’s civilisation in Siberia

This actually makes me laugh a lot since a lot of people tend to ask a Russian person the following questions:

‘How do you live and survive there?’

‘Have you got everything we have in shops?’

‘Do bears roam the streets?’

‘Do you just drink vodka all the time?’

Hmmm…..We are kind of civilised people here.

There are many big cities in Siberia that have a population of over a million people. Quite impressive isn’t it? I mean there are plenty of villages in Siberia but there are also big populated cities with citizens who go to work every day and don’t meet any bears.

I will show you a couple of pictures of a Siberian city called Tomsk which has a population of over half a million people.

Tomsk Russia

Tomsk, Russia

Fact 5: Borsh, pelmeni, pirozhki – the best Russian food

Even the thought of it makes my saliva run away. I mean these words might not mean anything to you, but they mean the world to Russians. If you go to Russia and especially Siberia, you will definitely try these foods handmade, since Russians love cooking.

Bosh is a red Russian soup with lots of vegetables and meat.

Pelmeni belong to the family of dumplings and normally filled with minced meat. Some Russians make a soup with pelmeni, chopped potatoes and dill which is yummy.

Pirozhki are fried or baked buns that Russians usually stuff with leek and eggs, cabbage or meat.

Food in Russia is absolutely amazing and in fact very healthy.

If you want to know more about Russia then read next about the best cities to visit while on your tour across Russia.

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