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10 ways to say I Love You in Russian

Say “I love you” in Russian in 10 different ways

You might’ve found a Russian partner and are thinking of the right words to express your love towards them. Maybe you are just trying to be creative and want to express your feelings in another language or you could be merely interested in exploring new languages.

Here we go. Now you can say I Love You in the Russian language to someone that you hold dear in 10 different ways:

1 Ya tebya lyublyu

Я тебя люблю – I love you

You definitely know Ya tebya lyublyu. That’s what google translate would suggest first if you tried translating “I love you”.

2 Ya tebya obozhaiy

Я тебя обожаю – I adore you

For Russian people it’s easier to say I adore you than I love you. Although “I adore you” sounds stronger in English, “I love you” is definitely the strongest way of expressing love in Russian.

If you like the person and want to show your affection to them, saying Ya tebya obozhaiu would be more than appropriate.

3 Ya tebya hochu

Я тебя хочу – I want you

This one is an interesting one. By saying “I want you”, you actually telling her or him that you are sexually attracted to them. If you’ve been dating for a while then you can whisper that into her or his ear. It’s fine to say – I am sexually attracted to you – before saying that you actually love them.

4 U menya k tebye chyuvstva

У меня к тебе чувства – I have feelings for you

It’s not too strong and direct as I love you. If you’ve just started developing feelings for one another than this phrase is the best to use.

5 Ti mne nravishsya

Ты мне нравишься – I like you

Ti mne nravishsya is the best one since you can say it even on your first date. Let her know that you are attracted to her.

6 Ya ne mogu zhit bez tebya

Я не могу жить без тебя – I can’t live without you

To say to someone that you can’t live without them is even stronger than saying that you love them. Don’t scare your partner by saying – Ya ne mogu zhit bez tebya. I suggest you wait until your relationship has developed enough and then confess to her or him. It’s a good phrase to say when proposing to your girlfriend.

It is also a good phrase to add to your proposal-of-marriage speech. She will definitely end up crying and saying yes.

7 Ti mne bolshe chem droog

Ты мне больше чем друг – You are more than a friend to me

When you have a friend and then “accidentally” fall in love with them. This is the best way to make them aware of your feelings. If they don’t feel the same way then you will be rejected – at least sooner than later.

8 Ya v tebya vlyublen/vlyublena po ushi

Я в тебя влюблён (влюблена) – I am madly in love with you

You’ve already had a few dates. You kiss and you feel like the earth is spinning and you have butterflies in your stomach. This is the time to say passionately: Ya v tebya vlyublen (if you are a man)/vluyblena (if you are a woman) po ushi.

Po ushi is literally translated up to the ears = a lot.

9 Ya v tebya vtreskalsya / vtreskalyas

Я в тебя втрескался (втрескалась) – I am madly in love with you

It’s a very slang way of expressing your love. So if you are 16-18 years old then this phrase is for you. Tell your gal that you are madly in love with her in your own colloquial way. And then you can share a passionate kiss.

10 Ti moiyo vsyo

Ты моё всё – You are everything to me

This is another great phrase to add to your proposal-of-marriage speech. Your Russian half will be very pleased to know that you are so deeply dependant on her/him. She or he will obviously say yes and will cherish this moment for the rest of your marital life.

Read next about other ways to express your love towards your Russian boyfriend or girlfriend.

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