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10 crazy facts about Russia you didn’t know

The most interesting facts about Russia

Russia is a very big country with a long and fascinating history. People from other countries have started to show more interest in Russia and each year more tourists visit Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and other large cities. Although there’s a growing interest, people still don’t know much about Russian culture and Russian people. Please see the most interesting and mind-boggling facts about Russia and its people.

In summer there’s no hot water for 10 days

Most countries would find it really weird and people would take to the streets protesting. Russians though humbly live without any hot water for 10 days during summer. It’s done district by district so you can take a shower at your friends’ or parents’ if they live in a different area.

You have to pretend to be sleeping on the bus to keep your seat 

You must always give up your seat on the bus if you see an old babushka. If you ignore the old lady she will have a go at you in front of everyone on the bus. However, if you pretend to be sleeping then she will have a go at someone else.

It takes 7 days to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok by train

Russia is vast hence why you have to travel 7 days on the train to get from Moscow to the most southeastern city of the Russian Federation – Vladivostok.

A flight there would take a whopping 8 hours. Crazy, isn’t it?

Russians have two passports

Russians hold one internal passport and one international passport. The internal passport is a mandatory identity document for all Russian citizens for travel and identification purposes within Russia. The international passport is used when entering and leaving the Russian Federation.

Sometimes you get overwhelmed looking after two passports as both are very important and it’s too much hassle if you lose either of them.

There are 11 time zones in Russia

The time zones are currently ranging from UTC+2:00 to UTC+12:00. Since March 2011 Russians stopped changing to summer time.

You can buy any medicine over the counter

You don’t need a prescription to buy medication in Russia. Hence why Russian TV is full of medical adverts selling people different treatments and pills. Russians, on the other hand, tend to use a home remedy to treat all sorts of ailments.

Russia is larger than Pluto

Pluto isn’t a planet anymore but is the largest object in the Kuiper belt. While Pluto is 16.6 million square kilometers, Russia is 17 million square kilometers.

There are about 11 million more women than men

From a very early age Russian girls are told to get married as soon as possible since there are not enough men. Due to that, a lot of Russian ladies consider marrying foreign men.

Women live 10 years longer than men

Life expectancy for men is only 65 which is lower than North Korea and Iraq while women are expected to live until 75.

77% of Russia is Siberia

Worldwide Siberia is well-known for its harsh winters and endless taiga. Siberia stretches as far as 13.1 million square kilometers and makes up almost 77% of Russia’s territory.


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