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10 stereotypes about Britain and British people

10 stereotypes about Britain and British people

10 most common misconceptions about Britain and British people

There’s always a bunch of stereotypes about every single country and its residents. However, they are not always true. British people get really frustrated when different stereotypes are enforced on them. Who wouldn’t? So let’s dispel all the myths that people have made up about Britain and British people.

1 There’s nothing to do outside of London

the best facts about Britain

Most tourists don’t travel anywhere further than London. Those who have never been to England mostly are unable to name any famous sights outside of London.

There is lots to see. For example, take a trip to the south to have a walk in New Forest. There’s also the famous Lake District in the north west of England. Cambridge, Oxford, and Bath are the best destinations if you want to see beautiful architecture and learn more about English history.

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are part of the United Kingdom and you can easily travel there on your British visa.

2 British people only drink tea

British people only drink tea

They also love a pint in the pub on Thursdays and Fridays and a coffee in the morning.

Although They do love tea with milk and drink quite a lot of it during the day. Learn more about how to make a perfect English cuppa.

3 Everyone in England speaks like the Queen

In England alone there are so many different accents not to mention Scottish, Welsh and Irish accents. Hardly anyone speaks like the Queen as it’s considered a bit old-fashioned. The average London-born Brit either speaks with a cockney accent or a normal London accent.

In Newcastle people have a Geordie accent, in Manchester people speak with a Mancunian accent while the Birmingham accent is called a Brummie accent.

4 Heathrow is the only airport in Britain

Heathrow isn't the only airport in Britain

Heathrow is the biggest airport in the UK however, not the only one. For example, there’s Gatwick Airport which is in south London and London City Airport most people use for business trips.

In total, the UK has over 40 commercial airports located in different cities. London alone has 5 airports.

5 Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea are the only football clubs everyone supports

There isn’t an exact number of all English football clubs as it varies from year to year. Approximately there are almost 5,300 football clubs and more than 7,000 teams.

British people support their local football club or inherit their football team from their parents.

6 Fish and chips is the only food British people eat

British people have a lot of nice food which is quite simple to make. They’ve also embraced Italian, French and Greek cuisine.

Some of the most famous British foods include Sunday Roast, Beef Stew, Cornish Pasty,  Shepherd’s pie and Cottage pie, Mince pies and many more.

7 It always rains

It rains quite a lot but Britain isn’t the country with the highest rainfall on the Earth. London is also a lot drier than Paris and Rome. When you visit England you realise that the English rain is more of a drizzle than heavy rain.

If you are stuck at home in England on a rainy day, read about a number of great activities you can do right now.

8 There aren’t any nice beaches in Britain

The best beaches in Britain

There are plenty of absolutely stunning beaches in Britain and it’s always been very traditional to spend the summer on the beach.

The Telegraph, have highlighted the 20 greatest beaches in Britain which you can go to and have a nice swim in the sea.

9 Britain means ‘England’

Britain usually refers to the United Kingdom which is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Britain can also refer to Great Britain which is the name of the island.

10 Everyone loves the Royal Family

There are people who love the Royal Family, who dislike them and those who absolutely don’t care for them. Some members of the Royal Family don’t do that much which occasionally causes complaints from the general public.

However, from time to time we get an extra holiday when something important happens. The Royals also attract quite a lot of tourists who bring money into the country.

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