The 10 best things to do in Bath, Somerset

The best places to visit and

the best things to do in Bath

Although Bath is quite a big and busy city full of students and tourists, I still consider it a brilliant getaway destination. Bath is famous for its natural hot springs (picture above) that were discovered and exploited by the Romans during the period of the Roman Empire. The 18th-century Georgian architecture is another reason why tourists find Bath very attractive. You will come back from your break in Bath rejuvenated and recharged.

1 The Roman Baths

Visiting the Roman Baths will give you an insight into the world of the Roman Empire and their day to day life. According to the electronic tour guide, which I suggest you get at the entrance to the Roman Baths complex, the Romans didn’t do much apart from bathing. The whole tour takes about 2 hours and provides a lot of information about this historical site and the people. The place itself is mysterious and magical you get to walk through the underground passages and visit the museum that houses artefacts from the Roman time.

2 Thermae Bath Spa

If you want to feel like a Roman, go to the Thermae Bath Spa which resembles real Roman baths. It can get pretty busy since it’s a hot spot for tourists, so try going in the morning while everyone is still asleep.

3 Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is an Anglican parish church that was opened in 1572. The Abbey was founded in the 7th century and since then have been restored and rebuilt several times. It’s a Grade I listed building which means it carries significant historical importance. You can easily go in and have a look around.

4 The Jane Austen Centre

If your favourite writer is Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice is the book that you know by heart, then you definitely want to visit the Jane Austen museum. As you know Jane Austen was forced to move to Bath following her father’s decision and this little museum tells you a story of its most famous resident’s experience in Bath.

5 The Fashion Museum

The fashion museum is a very low cost but very insightful and informative. It takes you on a seamless journey through the history of fashion. You can spend up to three hours in this nice place learning about fashion.

6 Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge crosses the river Avon and is located not far from the city centre. Take a walk to the Bridge and then get down to the river bank where you can walk all the way to Kennet and the Avon Canal that is a popular tourist destination for boating.

7 The University of Bath

Despite most English universities are based in very old Georgian or Victorian sites, The University of Bath is a very modern building with a big pond and a park. Walking to the University of Bath is a bit of a challenge since most of your route is uphill. However, en route you will see a lot of beautiful houses and on the way back the whole city will lay in front of you.

Due to the popularity of the University of Bath, there are a lot of young people in the city which makes it very lively and not as old as the surrounding architecture.

8 Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent is a Grade I listed building and is one of the best representation of the Georgian architecture. Royal Crescent is a row of 30 terraced houses in the shape of a crescent. A number of notable people resided in these houses and at the moment part of is a museum and a hotel and the other part is owned by its residents.

9 Sally Lunn’s eating house

Sally Lunn’s historic eating house is a home to the original Bath bun. They’ve kept the menus very historic and tasting the famous bun and having their perfect tea should be your must do while in Bath.

10 Bath’s parks

There are so many beautiful parks across Bath. For example, one of the most visited parks that you can go to is The Botanical Gardens and the 57 acre Royal Victoria Park. Both parks are not far from the city centre.

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