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The 10 best gifts for a Russian man

Best gifts for your Russian boyfriend

Romantic Dinner

Women can’t pay for men in restaurants (read why) and you can’t let him pay when it’s his gift. So the only option is to make the romantic dinner yourself. Find some recipes, buy the ingredients and start cooking. Decorating the room with candles and flowers will create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Russian men absolutely love home-made food, so he will appreciate it loads and will cherish the moment.

Something Handmade

Whenever you give someone a hand-made gift, they go:’Awww’, because it’s sweet and cute. You put some time and effort into making something yourself and they find it very surprising and impressive. Not everyone can knit a pair of socks or gloves – a Russian boyfriend would definitely need them. 


Get him a new phone or an iPod. No panic if he’s already got every gadget in the world. Get him nice accessories for these gadgets. For example, a nice iPhone case or new wireless headphones would make him very happy.


Sing him a song you composed yourself. No matter whether you are creative enough to compose a few lines or whether you have a good voice, just give it a go. Russian men like thoughtful presents.

Newly Released PC Game

Something like a new release of GTA or Need For Speed will do. You can also hunt for some nice ideas on YouTube. There are a lot of gaming channels that enable you to have a look at the game, its genre, graphics and the level of difficulty. Russian men like to play computer games so it’s a very good present. 

Bath & Shower Products

Buying shower products for a special occasion sounds very basic and primitive. However, it always works with a Russian man. He would be happy with a new razor, shower gel or shampoo. 

Hot Dance

Learn some nice pole dance moves and demonstrate them to your Russian boyfriend. However, make sure you warm up your muscles prior to performing the moves as you might end up spending the rest of his birthday in A&E or if in America, the emergency room.

New Watch

Who wouldn’t like a Rolex or a very good replica since not everyone has so much money to splash out? You can get him a nice Tudor or TAG Heuer watch which is a great alternative to a Rolex. Superstitious Russians believe that you can’t give your husband a watch because it will lead to a break-up. I personally wouldn’t listen to them and just do whatever I think is best. Read more about other weird superstitions that Russians believe in.


If an average man would run off at the news of the upcoming offspring, a Russian man would be over the moon. Family is the most important thing in the world for Russian people. Russian couples get married very early and have children soon after.

A cute little boy or girl would be a great present for a Russian boyfriend.

Something Nice for His Car

A man always loves his car more than anything in the world. In order to make him and his car happy buying comfy leather seat covers or a cool CD player will do the job.

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