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St Martin-in-the-Fields Candlelight Concert Review

Candlelight Concert Review – St Martin-in-the-Fields

I am obsessed with classical music and, as an amateur pianist myself, I get inspired by professionals performing my favourite classical pieces. At my very first classical music concert I was secretly crying. It was a very touching piece written…

Where could I eat out on Valentine's Day

Great London Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

The Best Restaurants for Valentine’s Day A common dilemma is finding a great place to brighten up your Valentine’s Day. In fact, when it comes to all special occasions including New Year, Mother’s Day or a birthday, the most…

The best family movies to watch at Christmas

The best family Christmas films

Love Actually When Love Actually first came out no one really liked it. After a few years it became so popular that is now regarded as the best Christmas film. It’s is all about love and Christmas. Many interesting…


12 Easy Tips on How to Live a Plastic Free Life

Do your shopping with a fabric tote bag Always have a spare cotton tote bag on you to put your shopping in. By refusing to buy one plastic bag one less bag is produced to replace it. It’s important…

How to live an eco-friendly life

5 Simple Steps to Becoming an Eco-Friendly Person

Replace Bleach with Eco Cleaning Products Bleach is very toxic and harmful to the environment as well as to human health. Even I used to buy branded bleach all the time due to the massive advertising of the brands.…

How to be more eco-friendly

My Personal Guide to Being more Eco-Friendly

Why did I make the Decision to Be more Environmentally Friendly? I haven’t always shown such a deep concern for the environment. There were times when I chucked rubbish in the bin without thinking where it would actually go.…

How to throw a posh party

10 Great Party Themes to Host a Properly Posh Party

How to Throw a Posh Party? Partying is always exciting for guests and nerve-racking for the host. Guests have high expectations which the host has to exceed. If it’s your first time organizing a party then you are definitely in…