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St Martin-in-the-Fields Candlelight Concert Review

Candlelight Concert Review – St Martin-in-the-Fields

I am obsessed with classical music and, as an amateur pianist myself, I get inspired by professionals performing my favourite classical pieces. At my very first classical music concert I was secretly crying. It was a very touching piece written…

Defender of the Fatherland day in Russia
Meet the Russians

The importance of February 23 in Russia

Defender of the Fatherland Day Defender of the Fatherland Day is also referred to as men’s day and was established to commemorate men for their military achievements. Nowadays any man, without exception, receives congratulations on this day even though…

Where could I eat out on Valentine's Day

Great London Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

The Best Restaurants for Valentine’s Day A common dilemma is finding a great place to brighten up your Valentine’s Day. In fact, when it comes to all special occasions including New Year, Mother’s Day or a birthday, the most…

Meet the English

All You Need to Know About British Working Culture

I’ve been working in London for more than two years now and have fully adapted to the British office environment. Working with English people is very different from anything I’ve experienced before and it’s a complete opposite to work…

How do Russians celebrate Easter
Meet the Russians

How is Easter Celebrated in Russia

Russia is an Orthodox country and usually celebrates Easter later than Catholic countries including England which is, as you all know, a Protestant country.  Russian Easter falls on the last Sunday of April meaning that this year, in 2019,…

Meet the Russians

Who is Ded Moroz and Snegurochka?

 New Year Celebrated in Russia When I was a child I truly believed in Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost). I knew that if I behaved well throughout the year, Ded Moroz would give me lots of cool presents. Along with the American…

Epiduo gel review
Health & Beauty

Epiduo Gel for Acne Review

I’ve been suffering from mild acne for over a year now. This condition came out of nowhere since my skin had been healthy and clear with only occasional spots cropping up here and there. Unlike acne, those spots healed…